The Perks of Having an Action Camera With Built-In Wi-Fi

Imagine this. You are in a camera shop with the salesman presenting you a long list of the advantages and features of two different brands of action camera. Both have the same price and have specifications that can rival the other. Everything is almost the same except for one feature. The Wi-Fi. One has one while the other has an alternative control. What will your decision be?

Let us take a more specific example using the GoPro HERO3 and the Contour + 2. Both are good models and have features that are almost level to each other. Their only difference is that the GoPro is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi while Contour + 2 has a GPS feature instead. Both are good extras and can be very useful in all the moments you will shoot your high-octane sports activities and hobbies. What will your choice be given the situation?

Here’s my personal answer to this dilemma: Go for the one that comes with Wi-Fi.

Why you ask? Because of the advantages you can see below.

Wi-Fi makes access easy- Action camera models with built-in Wi-Fi usually come with a mobile device or a remote. These things can be very useful to the user since he can use it to control the camera without even touching it. This perk very much comes in handy during situations when the person can’t really manually control his camera.

Provides Live Streaming- Getting action footages of hobbies is cool. Sharing them live to your friends as the action happens via devices like laptop, mobile phone, and tablet is much cooler. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily share your videos as they are.

Easy Sharing- People want to get footage of what they do because of one reason. They want to share it with other people. The presence of a Wi-Fi in an action camera makes this very easy because the user is already connected to the internet and feed his videos through various social networking sites. This is also very beneficial in terms of saving camera memory since the person can just upload and save his footage in the internet rather than save it on his memory instead.

Extras- Cameras with built-in Wi-Fi usually also come with other perks. The GoPro, for example, has a mobile application and a remote included to complement its Wi-Fi feature. Besides from just doing their original jobs, these accessories can also enable the user to control up to 50 GoPro cameras all at the same time. This can be very useful during moments when multiple angles need to be shot in a situation. In addition to this, the internet connection of the device can also be turned into a hotspot as well.

The Wi-Fi feature is now considered as the biggest development in the industry of action cameras. Its advantages lets an average action camera user expand what he can do with his gadget and opens up a brand new world of things to try with its presence. So if you’re looking for a good action camera model right now, it is highly suggested that you go with those that have this feature.

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