Why Is BlackBerry So Popular?

BlackBerry has launched its Z10 and BlackBerry 10 series recently. However if you are the one who is in dilemma over purchasing any one of them then you need to find out the pros and cons about what the BlackBerry has to offer on technical as well as software aspects. Listed here are the upside and the downside of the phone. This brings to another question as to why is BlackBerry so popular. Read on to find out all about what BlackBerry has to offer.

Most appealing features about BlackBerry 10 and Z 10

• BlackBerry has introduced the Hub functionality that enables in improved communication experience. It is the place that organizes your communication in one place where you can keep in touch with various services in one go. Additionally, using the gesture command you can access this service everywhere.
• With the integration of managing your professional and personal profiles in secured categories now the BYOD officially is made possible.
• The best thing about the keyboard is the predictive feature that enables in helping you construct words by predicting it and then automatically filling them up in your text and message.
• Another interesting thing is the browser capability provided by BlackBerry especially the BlackBerry 10. The browser is capable of supporting multiple tabs, is smooth in navigation and quick to display search results. This browser is also supportive of Flash mode. So far, it seems to be the best mobile browser without any lag of performance.
• The thumbnails and application manager are responsive and smooth in performance.
• The documentation product by BlackBerry called Documents To Go has a better UI. Additionally with the inclusion of DataViz you can now avail the full version of Documents To Go on your device along with Dropbox functionality.
• At 4.2-inch display screen the immaculate resolution that you get is measured 1280×768 pixels that supports 356ppi. Even after this you will find the device easy to carry without any additional weight.
• BlackBerry gives you the choice of changing battery by giving your removable battery option. Other things include MicroSD card and HDMI port.

The downside to the Phone

• It seems that BlackBerry is yet to launch on US carriers. Another thing that one may notice is the lack of dedicated apps for the phone.
• The browsing seems complex with BlackBerry, searching within the app category and diving deep within the store is time consuming.
• Reading and accessing next e-mail message is yet another tedious task. Moving on from one message to another requires going through the menu in Hub and then selecting the message.
• BBM contacts are not as efficient when it comes to locating other contacts that are in your social media.
• Another thing that needs improvement is in the Camera app. The camera offered by BlackBerry is not impressive it lacks features that will give you immaculate image results. It is nothing more than a point and shoot camera that you find in the device. Maybe, BlackBerry can find ways to improve the quality of their optics and include some features that will enhance user experience while providing impressive picture and video quality.


All the above-mentioned arguments that are for and against BlackBerry 10 and Z10 indicate that there are more positive aspects about both the Smartphones. This resolves the question why is BlackBerry so popular.

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