Amazing Tools by Google

Google is a well-known search engine that keeps incorporating new tools and features from time to time. Let us find out a few of these useful tools or features that help a user in day-to-day activities.

Cooking tool

With Google introducing the tool of Cooking in its search functionality it is now relatively easier to search for the latest recopies. You will be easily able to find relevant searches according to the keywords this way and avoid useless links. You will further be benefited with the search results with various headings that include categorization. For example, recipes for, diabetics, low-carb, low fat, vegetarian and weight watchers, etc. now it becomes relatively easier for you to search accordingly.


This is a video chat provided by Google. Utilizing this service a user can engage in simultaneous video chat with at least 10 users instantly. The video chat can also be done through your mobile device, tablet or desktop. You will be able to view the chat friend in a window the moment you start the conversation. In Hangout, you also have the sharing option of collaborating docs and sharing screens. You also have the option of broadcasting your chat on Google+ profile or share it across YouTube instantaneously.

Navigation & Traffic

Google has come up with the latest for Android users; this includes voice navigation that guides a user giving directions. This feature is accessible from Google Maps even users having navigation app on their phone can gain this functionality. Additionally this is not all; a user will also be able to get a clear indication about the traffic information through live updates. This feature is for selected cities along with color-coding that indicates the heavy (red), moderate (yellow) and frees (green). If you are stuck in a jam then you also have the advantage of taking an alternate route suggested via map avoiding traffic.


This more like a public forum that enables in seeking answers and starting discussions online. Once you start a thread of discussion online others are allowed to pool in their comments, ideas, views and opinions. You also get the benefit of opinion poll and see if your idea has met with successful number of votes from the readers. All this can be shared via e-mail, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook for initiating better responses.

Map Maker

For all those who love working around Maps and editing geographical information this is the one. By using Google Map Maker, you can easily upload, edit, add and create relevant geographical details in the map. This is applicable to around 200 countries but remember any changes or editing done by you will go to the moderators for approval. After approving your changes, it will be accessible.

Scholar is like an online library tool to those who are into academics; a user can easily look for books, content, documents, articles and thesis. If you are looking for a specific document that is available online then you can easily search it out using Scholar.

Web Masters

After creating a website it is essential to get relevant ranking. Other things involve SEO, ranking, site indexing, all this makes it a complicated task. If you are new to all this then it takes more time to get to the favorable spot to be able to shine in the search engine results. Keeping all this in mind WebMaters is creates to help view a detailed report and understand all about Google rankings. Additionally, it helps in accessing the lacks of your website, gives tips and suggestions for improvement in visibility. You also get a detailed report including traffic analysis for free.

Search via SMS

The best thing that Google offers to its users is the ability to utilize numerous applications that too via SMS. If we take for example search, you can easily conduct a web based news search, get the latest info on movies, cricket scores by merely sending an SMS to 9773300000. The results will be received instantly via SMS. Interestingly even if you do not own a Smartphone you can still use this service as it is SMS based and it has nothing to do with data connectivity either. In addition, if you like to receive latest updates then you can register with Google Calendar.

All the above given functionalities are just a few of the amazing tools or features that are introduced by Google for user benefit.

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