HP ENVY dv6z-7200 Overview – A Multi-Purpose Laptop With a Classy Design and Multimedia Features

The HP ENVY dv6z-7200 is a mid-range laptop that comes packed with everything you need for a great computing experience. It’s designed for a variety of purposes, including business, schoolwork, entertainment, internet browsing, and so forth. Whether you’re looking for a mobile companion or a laptop to keep around the house, you will find that this model offers all of the features and technology you need.

The HP ENVY series is the company’s most revered lineup of laptops, and the 7200 is no different. It has a 15.6 inch display and weighs 5.66 pounds. It’s one of the first notebooks to come with the new Windows 8 operating system. You can choose between Windows 8 64 Standard and Pro 64.

Another great thing about this model is that it is has a nice midnight black aluminum chassis. Even though it weighs 5.66 pounds, it’s still thin and easy to carry around. Overall, it has a minimalist design, but it’s still appealing.

You can download media fast and keep your games running smoothly. While it’s not as powerful as other gaming laptops in the industry, it can still run the average game quite efficiently. You can customize the machine to suit your every need.

For the processor, you have a few choices of AMD models:

· Dual-Core A6 (3.0 GHz)

· Quad-Core A8 (3.0 GHz)

· Quad-Core A10 (3.2 GHz)

The A10 model is an accelerated processor with 4 MG L2 Cache.

The system memory is 6 GB DDR3. If that isn’t enough, you can upgrade to 8 GB, 12 GB, or 16 GB. The more memory a laptop has, the faster it processes information. Your programs will run more quickly if you have a lot of RAM. For the average computer user, 6 GB is plenty enough. If you plan on doing a lot of multi-tasking and want to run multimedia programs, such as games, you might want to add some more RAM.

Speaking of multimedia, you can settle with the AMD Radeon HD (7600), which is the default selection, or upgrade to a 1 GB or 2 GB AMD Radeon HD (7670M).

The HP ENVY dv6z-7200 comes with plenty of storage space, ranging from 640 GB to 1 TB. The optical drive is a SuperMulti 8X writer with double layer support. There is also an option for either a Blu-Ray player or Blu-Ray writer, whichever you would prefer.

Stay connected to the internet with the 802.11 b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth.

The HP ENVY dv6z-7200, overall, is a great multi-purpose laptop that you can buy at an affordable price. Take advantage of the customization options so that you can turn it into the laptop you want.

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