iOS6 and Facebook Integration

The introduction of iOS6 is something that has made it possible to integrate Facebook features in a much better manner for Apple users. This means that now there are added functionalities and features that will be beneficial for user while using Facebook on their Apple device. Let us find out how and understand the integration of Facebook in iOS6.

Introduction of iOS6 with Facebook Integration

Some time ago when Apple launched the iOS 5 with the integration of Twitter in its software. This meant that there would be nothing significant in relation to the Facebook which at the moment caused a general dissatisfaction amongst Apple users. But with the introduction of new OS, the Facebook integration feature is much welcomed surprise. You can easily enable the settings related to the Facebook integration, here is how this can be done:

• Go to Settings and locate the listing for the social media Facebook
• Enable the set up for Facebook
• If you do not have Facebook app installed then you first need to download it from the store
• Log into your Facebook account
• Go to Settings and define the manner of interaction between your Facebook and iOS device
• As soon as the setup is complete you will be receive an alert to notify you about Facebook integration

You will now be able to understand through the notification details that your Facebook integration can interact with your device.

Understanding more about utilizing Facebook integration with iOS6

Now with Facebook integration in your iOS6 enabled device there are a lot of activities that you can easily perform. For example, you can easily update status via widget sharing in the notifications options. After enabling this functionality you will be easily able to access Notification tray from the screen-> Facebook widget->Status update

By enabling the functionality you will be allowed various sharing options like, URL, pictures from messages and photos apps, location and the apps that you have liked on App Store. Additionally the developers are planning to introduce more apps that are integration friendly so that you will be able to enjoy more Facebook integrated features.

If you are keen on sharing or allowing your contacts and calendars to your Facebook, this is possible too. The integration helps in syncing your calendar, schedules and contacts of your Facebook to your device. this way you will know if any of the contacts in your Facebook list has a birthday coming up. Additionally, you have the choice to restrict access or even grant it by: Settings->Facebook. Let us now find out how you can utilize Siri for Facebook updates.

How to using Siri for updating the Facebook status

There are various commands that Siri is capable of performing but with the new OS there are new commands that Siri can perform. The iOS6 brings new features and functionalities in relation to the voice assistant of Apple called Siri. Utilizing Siri you can easily update the status of your Facebook by voicing it out. All you need to do is launch the Siri and then say Post to Facebook and then voice out your message. This will instantly update your status. Similarly, you can also tweet using Siri by just voicing our the message and updating it on Twitter.

There is something that you should know, while you are running your device on iOS6 you can still update status with your phone locked. This means that if someone gets a hold of your phone then even without knowing your screen lock passcode they can easily update the Facebook status or tweet.

Nevertheless, where there is a problem, therein lies the solution to it too. You can restrict Siri to make updates by blocking Siri. This is how you can do it: Settings-General-Passcode Lock-Siri. Now toggle to off position. Now you will not be able to use the functionality of Siri with your screen locked, if you again want to use Siri then you need to enter the passcode of your screen and then do it.

All the above functionalities are possible with iOS6 and the Facebook integration that this new OS has introduced.

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