iPhone and iPad Tips for Easy Menu Access

If you are using an iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad you might still not be fully aware of the short cuts and multi-task gestures. These are helpful in jumping between apps while saving time. If you are not aware of how to better utilize the functionality then fumbling with the controls and the hidden tricks becomes a task within itself. Let us find out four most easy to apply tips that you can use on your Apple device and make the most out of it.

Access Apps Directly

Most of the people have a habit of setting notifications that keep appearing on the home screen of their iPhone. The trouble with these notifications is that they keep appearing even if the device is locked. For example, a text message, or a Facebook notification just appeared but your phone is locked, you will first need to unlock and then be able to access it. But instead what you can do is directly access the app where the notification message has appeared. Swipe on the app, enter your code and access it. If you are not using any code then just swipe through on the app and check out the notification.

Scroll Up with a tap

It is tiresome to scroll up back to the main menu or the top of the page you are looking at. Now you need not scroll all the way up, just tap at the status bar that displays date and time and you will jump back to the top of your web page. This is applicable to iPad and your iPhone both. This instant jump is possible when you are browsing through websites, checking e-mails or contact list and other such apps that have a long list of contents.

Shortcuts for Keyboard

Constantly tapping for entering text or some other content is tiresome. There are some shortcuts that you can utilize for easing this pain. For example, you can hold down the Compose new message button while composing an e-mail, this will reveal all the e-mail drafts. If you are constructing message that includes numbers and alphabets then it is difficult to keep switching but this can be overcome by a simple tap and hold the numeric key 123, drag to the number for selecting it. As soon as you let go off the numeric key your alphabet keyboard will reappear. Other tricks include the following:

• To enter an e-mail id you need to hold down the (.) key
• Emoticons can be added by: Settings>General>Keyboard>International Keyboards>Add New Keyboard> Emoji
• When you are entering a URL then hold down the (.com) key to reveal other extensions,.org
• Splitting keyboard screen of your iPad is easy: Settings>General>Keyboard>Split Keyboard
• To reveal split keyboard just place both your thumbs in the center of the screen and spread it out
• Another way of splitting keyboard is holding down the keyboard icon and choose Split
• Tap the keyboard icon, unlock option appears, now you can change the direction of the keyboard to up or down

Jump between Apps

Going from one app to another is easier if you know how to jump and reach there instead of swiping through the home screen. You can use the shortcut that enables jumping between apps: Double Tap Home Button to reveal an app tray> Swipe left> Select the app to jump. This way you will be able to switch between apps without having to go through the home screen. If you are using an iPad2 and the latest version of it then this can be done by utilizing a multi-task gesture like swiping with all of your four fingers in the upward motion on the screen. But if you are using an older version then: Settings>General>Multitask Gestures

After knowing and applying the above given tips it will be easier for you to switch apps, utilize your keyboard affectively and save time while composing e-mail or entering other content. All the above tips are applicable to iPhone, iPad 2 and its advance version.

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