Kindle Fire HD: Entertainment At Its Best

Kindle Fire for Children

The Kindle Fire is a fun teaching aid for children to use. It is a 7″ color tablet that is just the right size for kiddie hands to hold. It can access a lot of reading materials that kids will be interested in browsing through – like ebooks, video games, music, and various apps!

There is a new Kindle Fire edition for 2012 with added features that makes it exciting for children to have. This is the new Kindle Fire HD with new features, like Kindle Free Time, so mom and dad can limit the viewing time of their kids daily.

Product Features

This new Kindle Fire HD is the most advanced 7″ tablet in the market today. Among its features are:

  • High definition display with anti-glare features for better viewing pleasure;
  • Dolby speakers with virtual s sounds;
  • A dual band and dual antenna Wi-Fi feature for faster downloads and video streaming;
  • 2 Ghz dual-core processor and PowerVR 3D graphics for fast and consistent performance;
  • Varied selections of movies, television shows, music, magazines, ebooks and various apps and games like Angry Birds, Pandora and many others;
  • Integrated online support for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and more;
  • High definition camera for taking photographs and videos with the use of either Skype, Facebook and other social networking apps;
  • Cloud storage feature for amazon content, that is unlimited and free to use;
  • Kindle Free Time feature that sets the daily time limits and the appropriate content that your child can have access to;
  • Prime Instant Video – unlimited streaming feature that allows viewing of thousands of popular movies and television shows;
  • Prime Kindle Owner’s Lending Library – kindle owners can borrow up to 180,000 books, including over 100 current and past editions of the most popular New York Times with no due dates – and are free of charge!

Product Description

When you talk about high definition displays and great resolution broadcast, nothing can beat Kindle Fire’s 7″ HD. This equipment is capable of delivering visuals in rich color with sharp contrast features that is vivid even if seen at different angles. The Kindle Fire HD comes with advanced polarizing filter and anti-glare technology, that makes for great viewing pleasure. The equipment features a new high definition LCD that enhances visuals that makes them come alive.

  • On screen glare: Tablets that are sold in the market normally comes with displays that are made of two glass pieces – the LCD underneath, and a Touch sensor on top. The two glass pieces are separated by an air gap. The air gap can create distracting reflections that may reduce display contrast, thus affect the screen resolution. Kindle Fire was able to resolve this problem, by laminating both pieces of glass into a single layer – hence, creating visuals that are easy to view even with poor lighting.
  • Richer colors: Kindle Fire uses IPS or In Plane Switching for better color displays. Kindle Fire however, improved on this feature by adding an advanced polarizing filter on the LCD panel. The result is a viewing experience that shows deep contrast in colors, and rich detail even if seen through various angles.

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