It is not always possible to stay on top of events or the news of the day while you are on the go. Other things like viewing and reading content when you want to access is something that everyone is looking for. Additionally the most important thing that comes to the mind is saving all that offline so that you can access and view it at your own convenient time. Now with the launch of Pocket you can easily opt to save it all in one place, especially Mac users. Viewing multimedia files, faster access and easy to save option is all that you can ask for when you are traveling.

Why Pocket?

With numerous apps out in the market, it might come across as just another one in the block. However, Pocket is all about convenience and storage of various content in one place. However, its rivals like Readability and Instapaper are continually dominating the user market for organizing offline content to be viewed for later on but Pocket has its own charm; the reason being its simplicity that provides user convenience for saving content offline. For all those who are looking for saving online articles that they can view later on can easily rely upon Pocket. You can easily save an entire webpage for offline viewing. Additionally you are allowed to create tags to each saved content; this gives you the freedom to easily pick out the content that you want to read at the moment. Now you can easily organize the links in a neat and convenient manner. The best advantage that Pocket comes with is the ability to be supportive of Mac. Now you can easily synchronize your accounts on Android or iOS to the content/ pages that you have saved, even more you can then access the same from your desktop.

How to Pocket?

Pocket is arguably the most simplest of all apps that enables in saving content offline. You need not go on digging in menu that makes things complicated to understand but with few simple steps you can do so, here is how:

• Go to the webpage that you want to save
• Copy the URL of the webpage
• Go to File menu
• Save the item or use Command+S
• Your saved page list will appear in vertical screen on the left window
• The content will appear on the right as and when you select the content

Other thing that makes Pocket easy to use is the one key shortcut like the following added:

• Archive= A
• Favorite= F

You can even save videos if you have a pre-installed Flash on your system. You need no additional plug in while viewing videos as the app is capable of playing it directly from the interface. Additionally, you also get the advantage of sharing your favorite links with your friend network across various social mediums. While you are viewing the content, go to Item-Share, Facebook, Twitter, Buffer and Evernote.


In conclusion, it is needless to say that Pocket is a good medium for sharing and storing content. It is supportive of all the content in an article including, photos, byline, article link, headline and even the publication. Pocket app is free of cost and it can be downloaded from App store.

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