Some Useful Call Features on iPhone

Talking on the phone is sometimes inconvenient and time-consuming if at the same time you cannot do any other things. This article aims at showing a few useful functions, which you can use while taking a call.

1. Speakerphone:

First of all, the most used feature in a call is a speakerphone. The Speaker will allow you to receive a call without holding the phone up to your ear. You can simply select this feature and put the phone down. You can also click on the Keypad and write to a certain extend.

2. View contacts:

When talking on your phone and if your partner wants to get someone’s phone number, you can simply browse your contacts while keeping the call. Press the Speaker button and then select Contact to determine the one you need. You will only need to read the information through the loudspeaker. There will be a green bar that appears on the top, tap on it to return to the normal call.

Keep in mind that as long the blue menu bar on the top, that is, your phone call is still being maintained.

3. Write a note:

Similar to searching for a contact, you can write a note, something with annotations on the phone without pen and paper. First turn on the speakerphone. Go to Home, open the Notes application and write. If you want to return to the call menu, simply click on the blue menu above.

4. Turn off microphone:

The Mute feature is usually of little use on your phone. But if you are talking in a room and a sudden situation happens which you would not like the other party to hear, you can use this feature. You will still hear the other party, but they will not hear you.

5. Add More calls:

You can make another call at the same time as the active call. Just click on the Add call and make a call as normal. You can switch between two calls using the Swap button or click the name of the call at the top of the phone application. At the top of the application, you can select the call is in the Hold mode. Click on it to revert to the previous call.

6. Group call:

You can click on the Merge calls button to merge calls together into call group. It may be useful for group discussion or conference calls. You can merge up to five calls simultaneously.

7. Reply with an SMS:

When receiving an incoming call, you can reject or receive it. With the iOS 6, you can send a message right away to the caller by clicking on Reply with Message or Remind me later. You can customize the response message immediately by going to Apps> Phone> Reply with Message.

8. Ignore or answer another call:

When you are talking on the phone, you may get calls from others. You can choose to skip or pause the current call and hear the new call. It should be noted that you can send the reply message to the new incoming call by clicking on the icon bottom right side of the phone calls.

9. Face Time feature:

If a call between two people using the iPhone, you can enable Face Time on the call interface. This feature is like video call, but if you use a Wi-Fi network you will not be charged the call.

10. Check the call time:

Call time will always be displayed as the caller’s name or phone number.

Hopefully this simple feature will help you, especially if you’re new to the iPhone and not used to using it.

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