VLC Player Power Tips

News has been floating about the exclusion of Media Center from the new version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 software. Now the by default version of playing your media files will no longer be present in the latest Windows version. Nevertheless, you still have other option available, VLC Media. This is one of the best media players that is freely available for playing DVD, streaming video, converting other media files into viewable formats and ripping DVDs and much more. Let us find out the versatility of VLC player and how you can utilize it to your advantage.

About VLC Player

If you think that you can only play DVDs on your VLC player then check your facts again. You can play an array of other physical video storage devices upon this player including CD, VCD and even SVCD. Any kind of video media is acceptable and supportive of VLC and this is the reason why it is the most popular medium of playing videos. If you are worried about Blu-ray encryption then you can play it too, Media->Open File.

If you are wondering if VLC can play music too then you will not be disappointed. You can play your choice of music streaming from internet or your own network, Media->Open Network Stream. If you want to save and stream media from a live channel like webcams then, Media>Open Capture Device, this will reveal options that will enable streaming and even saving the files that you are viewing.

Capture Video frames

Smartphones are not the only option to capture screen shots; even VLC has a pre-loaded functionality that enables in capturing screen shots. Go to Video->Snapshot, this will enable storing an individual captured frame. As soon as you are done your captured screenshot is stored in the by default folder of pictures.

Podcasts and Online radio

VLC is an all-in-one option when it comes to playing and streaming audio. It has options that allows you to stream and manage Podcasts, View->Playlist to reveal the playlist->Internet Option to reveal online list of music stations. If you are looking for your favorite Podcast then Click + button in Podcasts option, then add the URL for RSS and it is saved. This way you can add as many stations as you want and instantly access them via VLC.

Change how VLC looks with customizable skins

Originally VLC does not look impressive as it comes in vanilla. Nevertheless, do not be disappointed as you can still change the way it looks. There are a few easy steps that you can apply and change the look or the skin of your VLC. Go to Tools->Preferences-> Interface. Look and Feel portion->Use custom skin->Choose.vlc skin file. You will see numerous options to change the skin of VLC.

Trans-coding files made easy

It is not always possible to play or handle media formats that are other than ASV1 and other such file extensions. But VLC is capable of playing it all, you just need to make relevant changes by Trans-coding the files and it is done. In simple words VLC media has an internal feature that is capable of converting media files. Go to Media-> Convert/Save->Add button->Select the media file you want to convert. Now as soon as you Click Convert Option the process of media conversion begins. As soon as you get a command prompt of saving the converted file remember to choose from .wav, .mpg, .ogg or .mov file extensions.

At times you might have observed that you get a codec file that refuses to play on your video player. This trouble too can be overcome by VLC. Go to Settings-> Drop down and choose the file type, for video the best option is that of MP4 and if you are attempting to access an audio then choose an MP3 format. For more information on codec you can check out the VideoLAN wiki, this will help you understand more about it so that you can choose the best option to access it.

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