What You Should Know About MP3 Players

To add to your fun, modern players have display screens revealing the names of tracks, volume and option lists. There are also some which can play digital video files in full color.

Internal Batteries

One good thing is that they come with internal batteries which can be recharged. Using a computer USB port, the batteries can be charged for some hours before being ready for use again. There are also external chargers that can be plugged into the wall. When your media player is fully charged, it can serve you for up to 10 hours.

Types of MP3 Players


An example is the iPod from Apple. The MP3 player is hard-drive based, storing information on small hard-drives, just like the ones that come with the PC or laptops. The hard-drive has a set of magnetic discs which quickly spin to read the data, producing the sound in music. These media players are heavier and larger because of the size of the battery and the size of the hard drive. Therefore, they are only ideal for people who do not need to use them frequently and need a high-capacity media player.


Portable compact disc players and car audio receivers are also good examples of MP3 players. What makes them to be different from other types of media players is that they require MP3-encoded music to be recorded on blank CDs in order to play the music. If you cannot afford the more expensive players, these types are a good option, provided you are prepared to burn and carry additional CDs containing your favorite albums.

Flash Memory

One advantage of the flash memory is that the players do not have internal moving parts which could malfunction, unlike hard-drive based players. The player stores data on a solid-state transistor-covered chip which make it to be smaller and last longer than other types which are bulky and require a lot of moving parts to work.


MP3 players are very good, and to allow privacy, they have headphones for private listening. You can use any headphone desired, from large headset speakers to small ear-buds. As the players don’t have external speakers, this is how to listen to your player. In addition, the ones having advanced features, like the flash memory players, are more expensive than other types, but you will always have more features to give you more fun while on the go.

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