Comparing the 3 Leading EReaders

The eBook reading market is evolving ever so slowly and every couple of months, we witness a new eReader enter the marketplace. My objective is to talk about the current three most popular eReader brands available to purchase. If you opt for either one of these eReaders then you shouldn’t be found wanting.

Of course, there are slight differences between the leading devices, but ultimately it depends on the individual, what they personally like, that is going to determine the brand they go with. With all of that, be sure to stay clear of the low quality products, and only invest in the best quality. So let us begin.

1. Amazon Kindle 2

Although you can also find the Kindle DX in the marketplace, for this article I’m going to go with the Kindle 2 which has pretty much the same features and cost around the same amount of money. The Kindle comes with a battery life that lasts in excess of 14 days, a keyboard and a 6″ screen. It also comes with wireless 3G technology, which means you can use it anywhere in the world, enabling you to download eBooks direct to the device.

2. Barnes & Noble Nook

The Nook eReader also has a display that is 6″ and a battery life that last 10 days. This device also features 3G wireless technology and Wi-Fi capabilities so you can use it while in a Barnes & Noble book store. You can find over 1 million titles in their eBook store. The Nook features a touch screen, which is preferred amongst a great many people, but the downside is that it can be rather slow and not so user friendly to get to grips with.

3. Sony Digital Reader

This eReader device comes with a 7″ touch screen, with a battery life that will last you around 18 days. It’s very easy for you to navigate through, with its slick design and look. This device also supports 3G wireless technology, allowing you to download eBooks while out and about. For its eBooks, it supports ePub format, which means you can also access over 1 million Google books, and the many other sources that also support this format.

Personally, I think everyone should have at least one eBook reader in their possession, so, with that said, you should do your utmost to get one, assuming you don’t already have one, choosing the one you thinks is right for you.

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