Firefox Security Add-Ons

To connect to the internet, everyone uses an internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It is the first line of defense when facing any malware or attackers. So it makes sense that you should ensure any browser is equipped to deal with some infections, stopping malware from going any further and fully infecting your computer. Here we will be looking at the best security add-ons for the Mozilla Firefox browser, as one of the top 3 browsers currently in use, it is a very popular and widely used way to access the internet.

The first is going to be an add-on called Browser Protect. This add-on will protect your browser from a range hijacks such as home page, search engine and add-ons. It will help to keep any infections from redirecting you to a malware site. It is also useful as it provides a warning when it has blocked a hijack, meaning you are now aware of any infection/attempt to infect your computer.

The next add-on is called WOT (Web of Trust). This provides ratings for every site you visit or search for in a search engine. It will provide a green circle if safe, an amber if unknown and a red if the site is dangerous. This is a community based application so you can contribute to sites rankings saying whether it is safe or not.

Block Site is the next add-on. This allows the user to add any website he or she may want to block to a list, this add-on will then not let you visit that site again. It will also block any links within other sites that may lead you back to the dangerous site. There are various lists of sites to block from spyware sites or malware sites that can be used to configure the list at first. This tool is also great as a child protection tool, as a parent can get a list of bad sites and block their child from viewing them or accidentally coming across it.

The last add-on is Bitdefender Quick scan, that allows the user run a quick scan of their machine right from the browser. If you ever think you have been infected with malware from a site, simply run this scan and it will let you know of any infections on your machine.

There are my top Firefox security add-ons. All are free and easy to install with just one click of a button and will help to keep your machine secure. Enjoy.

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