How to Enable File Sharing on Windows 8?

Windows 8 has many capabilities that users are not fully aware of, for example if we talk about simple file sharing you might be still trying to figure it out. The settings for file sharing are provided in the Windows 8 about sharing but unlike its earlier versions it is not that easy to enable these settings. Let us find out simple steps that you can apply and share your files.

Steps to share files

You first need to reveal the Charm Bar.

• Take your mouse to the top right screen corner
• Charm bar is revealed
• Go to the bottom of the bar
• Click the Cog Icon to reveal the menu
• Press Network Icon

Now you need to enable the network settings, let us find out how this is done.

Creating Network Settings

Go to the Networks menu and locate your network. After locating your network, you need to press the right click button of the mouse. A Turn sharing on or off menu will be revealed which you need to click.

Turn on Sharing by clicking on the option that says, yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices

For sharing, you need to find the title Desktop. This title will help you access the screen of desktop.

Once more, you need to reveal the charm bar and for this position the mouse to the right upper corner. Select the icon of Settings and then go to the Control Panel.

You will see an option of Choose Homegroup and sharing feature. You need to choose this but before initiating the process you first need to know more about the Homegroup feature. This is an option that is provided to Windows users for sharing files. This feature enables easy sharing without bothering about permission from the user level.


A Homegroup screen displays various options for the user. It allows a user to share files and other content. You also get an option to share videos on other devices and stream them via PC. Initially you need to create homegroup as this is not a default option. You need to press the Create Homegroup and select the files by marking them for sharing them.

Creating the Homegroup

After creating the group, you will be able to see other options as well. These options include View or Print the homegroup password. This option is essential for viewing the password that is generated automatically. You can observe the password after choosing this option. Additionally you will find instructions for connecting and sharing but before you follow the instructions, you need to first save the password or jot it down as you may need it later on.

The initial phase of homegroup is created now all you need to do is add computers to it. Here you need to remember that only Windows 8 and 7 users have the capability to create groups. As soon as your PC detects the group, you need to click Join Now.

After clicking the join now button you will be prompted for entering the password. Here you need to enter the password that was auto-generated. You also need to add and define the PCs that you need to add that will be a part of homegroup.

Now your homegroup is created with the defined set of PCs. You can share files or content that you want. It is a good practice to create a folder on your desktop. For example, you can create a folder by the name of Budget. Right click mouse button on the folder, select Share With. This option includes the Homegroup option too. You just need to assign the right to View or View and Edit rights. If you want to restrict other people from editing then only choose View.

You need to define the file path. For this purpose, you first need to right click on the folder and go to Properties. Click Sharing Tab and you will see the file path.

When you access another PC, go to the Start>Search Programs and Files and enter the path> Hit Enter key

Now you will reach the folder that contains all the files.

Applying the above given steps will help you share files, folders and other content on another PC. You just need to remember that these will work with Windows 7 and Windows 8 users only.

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