HP Pavilion HPE h9-1100z Phoenix Overview – A Desktop PC That Offers Speed and Scalability

The HP Pavilion HPE h9-1100z Phoenix is an expertly engineered desktop PC that offers incredible speed and power. Its cutting-edge design makes it an appealing addition to any home or office.

You can configure everything from the hard drive to the graphics. Sometimes HP even offers free upgrades on their HP Pavilion desktops! For the hard drive, you can go with 2 TB SATA, 1.5 TB SATA RAID 1, 2 x 1.5 TB HDD, and more.

Since you can customize all of the hardware components and accessories, this desktop has a number of uses:

· Home business and work

· Office work

· Entertainment

· Video games

· Schoolwork

· General computing and internet tasks

If you want to use it for gaming and multimedia, you can upgrade the 1 GB DDR3 AMD Radeon HD graphic card to 2 GB or 3 GB. The 3 GB AMD Radeon (HD 7950) can handle just about any type of video game graphics you throw at it. A 1 GB AMD Radeon card is enough for average games, although you might have to put some of the settings on low. For full gaming power, go with a 2 GB or 3 GB graphics card.

The desktop obviously offers a lot of scalability. Don’t want to upgrade now, but might consider doing so in the future? No problem. You will have the choice to do that. You can make upgrades and improvements to suit your growing computing needs.

The AMD eight-core processor with 3.1 GHz is the default choice for processing power. It’s upgradable to an AMD FX 8150 with 3.6 GHz and 8 MB L3 cache.

There is enough room in the desktop body for two hard drives. The default choice is a 2 TB 7200 SATA, and you can upgrade to 2 1.5 TB HDD. There are also a couple of Solid State Drives from which you can choose.

HP Pavilion HPE h9-1100z Phoenix reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, as everyone seems to be impressed with how smoothly powerful applications and games run. One thing mentioned in a lot of positive reviews is the transfer speed when syncing files between the HP and other devices.

If you’re concerned about the laptop overheating, you’ll be glad to know that this model has liquid cooling technology. It’s also fairly quiet compared to other desktops. When running a game with demanding graphics, you won’t hear a heavy fan.

In conclusion, this is a great all-in-one desktop that doesn’t cost a fortune. Thanks to special technology such as Turbo Boost, liquid cooling, and Beats Audio, you can use it to run any type of multimedia applications.

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