Improve Your Computer Performance With 4 Simple Ways

After using your computer for a long time, you may find out that it takes you more time to start or shut down your computer, visit the web pages or even just open some files. You must feel very frustrated when your computer fails to respond quickly. You might have considered the reasons why your PC runs slower and slower gradually. In fact, many different factors can result in the slow performance of your computer. How to improve your computer performance to make it run like new? Here are 4 simple ways to speed up your PC.

Free up your hard disk

Your computer amasses a lot of junk files and duplicate files without your awareness. Sometimes you simply surf the Internet, watch a movie or set your computer to hibernate, these operations can generate a large number of temporary files on your hard disk. If you don’t clean up them regularly, they will take up your disk space and slow down your PC. To improve the speed of your computer, you can use Disk Cleanup, an inbuilt Windows utility, to help remove the unnecessary files.

1. Click Start button, go to All Programs, go to Accessories, go to System Tools and then clickDisk Cleanup.

2. In the Disk Cleanup for dialog box, select the files you want to delete in theFiles to delete list and then click OK.

3. Click Yes when you are prompted to confirm the specified files you want to delete.

The useless applications also occupy your system resources and hamper your computer performance. Uninstalling them can free up your hard disk space. If you use Windows XP, click Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs, and then remove the programs you no longer use. If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to Start->Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features, and then click Uninstall a program to delete the programs you seldom use or you don’t need any more.

Remove malware

Malware not only collects your personal information, but also slows down your PC performance. It runs in the background and takes up system resources. You need to install excellent anti-malware software to prevent and remove the malware. There are lots of good anti-malware programs available. You have to think twice before choosing the anti-malware.

Disable auto-start programs

When you boot your computer, many programs also start automatically. Some of them you might use only once a month or less. You’d better disable them if you want to speed up your computer. Because these background programs take up a lot of RAM.

If you are a Windows XP user, go to Start and type msconfig in the dialog box after clicking Run, and then go to the Startup tab, uncheck any programs you don’t use frequently.

If you are a Windows Vista user or Windows 7 user, simply type msconfig in the dialog box in the Start menu, and then go to Startup tab and disable the applications you don’t want to start automatically.You can also go to the Startup folder under All Programs in the Start menu. Simply right-click on the programs you don’t need and choose to delete them from the list.

Fix Windows registry errors

Windows registry plays a very important role on the Windows computers. If registry gets damaged,the registry errors may slow down your computer.

To deal with these registry errors, you can use a reliable registry cleaner tool to fix them. I recommend Topckit,powerful software which can detect and fix all invalid references and registry errors on your computer.It can also remove the junk files, uninstall useless programs and protect your privacy. The computer problems which have bothered you for a long time can be resolved with it quickly. It is the best choice to optimize your computer safely and conveniently.

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