Sony VAIO SVT131290X Review – A Look at the Hard Drive Options, Processor, Graphics, and More

Are you looking for an affordable notebook with a 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processor? The Sony VAIO SVT131290X might just be the right model for you. Since it weighs less than 4 pounds, it’s easy to carry around. It makes an ideal travel companion.

Don’t underestimate its size – it may be small, but it still features some powerful components, the Ivy Bridge processor notwithstanding. In addition to the Intel Core i5 processor, it also comes with 6 GB of memory (fixed onboard). There is an open slot if you want to add more memory. You can either add more memory to your order as you checkout, or add some more later on. The great about this laptop series is that offers scalability. There is always room for more.

The hard drive is where all of your permanent data is stored. If you plan on storing a large amount of videos, music, programs, etc., then you will need a large capacity drive. There are different types of hard drives, including hybrids and solid states. Hybrid hard drives store the data you access the most to allow quicker access time in the future. A solid state drive doesn’t contain any moveable parts, which makes it less susceptible to scratches.

The hard drive that comes with the standard Sony VAIO SVT131290X is a 500 GB (5400 rpm) hybrid hard drive. If that’s not enough storage space for you, you can upgrade to 750 GB. There are also options for a solid state drive, ranging from 128 GB to 512 GB.

The graphics card is another important aspect of a notebook. The memory available on a video card, the less memory your processor will have to borrow to display images and graphics. The SVT131290X comes with Intel HD Graphics 4000, which is faster and more efficient than its predecessor, the Intel HD Graphics 3000.

The Internal lithium polymer battery (4050mAH) can last anywhere from 5 hours to 7 and a half, depending on how much energy you’re using. Speaking of energy, this notebook is Energy Star qualified.

When you customize your order, you’ll be given the option to personalize it. Sony offers a line of colorful keyboard skins compatible with their laptops. Not only are these skins vibrant, they also add an extra layer of protection to your keyboard. If you REALLY want to spice things up, have your name engraved on it. Let everybody know that you’re the owner of a great ultrabook like the Sony VAIO SVT131290X.

And it is a great ultrabook, overall. While it’s not a multimedia powerhouse like some other laptops out there, it still offers a lot for its size and price.

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