Turning Into A Cloud Economy

You know the more I have been studying this very topic the more I realize just how fast this stuff is moving now.

It’s amazing to think about the change in our lives now compared to what I have seen over the last 30 years. Rotary phones and fax machines to wireless cloud networks

Why Are 2 out of three businesses will be moving to the cloud over the next 24 months?

If I were to discuss every cloud technology available online, even just the free ones, this article would go on for 100 pages so I am going to discuss briefly why businesses are moving to the cloud, for everything from sharing documents to video conferencing.

There are many benefits that will catch the business owner’s attention.

The cloud is safer and more economical than traditional in house business technologies like servers and computer networks. Safety is a concern however with today’s encryption your data is safe then when it was stored in your office.

Data Storage and Back Up

You can back up and store your data on a variety of networks many with unlimited storage capacity. The term mirror when discussing this mean you have a mirror image of the data on 2 operating servers so if one goes down your data is still protected and your web presence stays online.

System Updates and Upgrades

Waiting for software updates to download and install on your computer then hoping it doesn’t cause any problems on your machine is a thing of the past. Even Microsoft is now selling cloud services and software as a service. It is updated and managed from their server. The work is done there not on your machine.

Customer Communication

This has really blown up over the last couple years. We use the Internet or cloud now for every type of communication not just email or social media. We can make and receive voice mail, telephone calls, texting, video conferencing, desktop sharing… It goes on and on

Document Management and Translation

There are plenty of sites online that will give you a few gigs of storage, Google will give you 10 Gigabytes but that changes. It’s also convenient that you can use Google Docs Online to create everything from spreadsheets, to power points, to forms and web tools. It is also very easy to securely share documents or other files.

24/7 Access To Information

Business is becoming more and more mobile so the ability to access client information and business info from any device, 24 hours a day 7 days a week is attractive to entrepreneurs.

This is part 1 of this series. Keep an eye out for part where I cover

API’s Integrate Sources
Economies of scale
60% of computer workloads will be on cloud servers in the next 2 years
Over 60% of US businesses have lost a customer due to technology.
Facebook is a cloud company
Why would a company want to pay for: Servers, IT, Software,Office Space,Insurance, etc.
All of this stuff can be replaced by setting up a free account on Google drive and Gmail.
Gmail is one of hundreds of free or very inexpensive cloud services for business and sales people.

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