Your URL – Live It, Love It, Promote It

How many of you caught my slight “The Game Plan” reference? Great Movie. Anyways, an idea for a post came to me while checking up on my favorite blogs today.

How Do You Feel About Your Brand’s Name?

How many of you love your URL?

You may be thinking how strange of a question that is, but really think about it. What do you think when you hear your brands name? What made you pick the brand name you did?

Once you pick a name for your blog, and you start promoting it, there’s usually no going back. If you really wanted to change it, you could, but it would result in confusion and a noticeable loss of viewership.

That’s why picking a name is so important. It’s like naming your child; once you pick it, it usually sticks.

Live It

What I mean by “Live It” is that you need to incorporate your blog’s name into your every day life. Whether it’s checking your blogs social media pages daily, or replying to emails it’s generated, it needs to become a part of your routine for it to have the success you desire.

Love It

If you cringe every time you hear your brand’s name, you might have to change it. Even if you’ve done a lot of promoting, you can’t truly give it your all to a blog with a name you hate.

You need to love the name; love saying the name, love writing the name, love posting the name. The quicker you learn that, the quicker you’ll be able to move on to the next step.

Promote It

Whatever advice people have given you on promoting, take it and put it aside. Don’t get rid of it, but always be willing to let more come in and to give the new ideas a chance.

You never know what will bring in subscribers. Put a hyperlinked version of your blog name in your email signature. Mention it during a lull in conversation.

If you feel like you talk about your blog more than anything else, this can either be a great thing, or a not-so-great thing. Great if you’re promoting it on social media, mentioning it once in a conversation, attaching it on an email; but bad if you’re over doing it.

Over-doing it can be as simple as mentioning it more than one time ever in a conversation with a person. People don’t want to hear about the same thing over and over. They get bored. Once you’ve said your piece, step down and let the seeds you’ve planted grow.

What have you done recently to noticeably gain readers? Have you ever had to change your brand’s name? Join the discussion in the box below.

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