Becoming Your Own Cloud

Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular everyday, and will soon be as common as storage on your local hard drive. Being able to store your files on the internet which is what cloud storage is, definitely has its advantages. You can access your files from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a web enabled device.

The problem with traditional cloud storage like Skydrive which is owned by Microsoft, and iCloud owned by Apple, is that most companies offer you from 5 to 25GB (Gigabytes) of cloud storage free, and then charge you if you need more storage. Kind of like storage unit that people rent for storage of personal things.

If you however know how to set up your own cloud, you can use your home storage devices like your pc or external hard drive to store data and access it from anywhere in the world for free.

The first thing you need is something called the Pogo Plug or a similar device. It is essentially a small server that you purchase at or Best Buy for about $99. When you get it home, you have to hook it up to your storage device or devices. The Pogo plug has many different slots for storage device hook ups, like a SD card slot, USB slot, and even a SATA hard drive slot.

All you have to do is to connect the storage devices that you want to have access to, connect the Ethernet cable from your Pogo plug to your router, and connect the power cable of the Pogo plug, to the wall. The Pogo plug does not have WiFi so you have to connect it to the internet via the Ethernet cable.

Once you do this, just go to and follow the set up instructions and you are done. The Pogo plug will then access all the files you have stored on your storage devices and from anywhere in the world, you can have access to your files.

If you worked on a document for work at home, but you forgot to bring it in to work, all you have to do is access your cloud from your work computer and download the file. One thing to keep in mind when using your cloud service, that your upload speeds are limited to the upload speed of you internet service, so, for larger files like movies, you must keep that in mind.

Having your own cloud is a cost effective way to have access to your files without worrying about paying for storage. Also keep in mind that cloud storage should be used for things that you want to store that are not sensitive. Because you will be accessing it over the internet, security could be an issue, so only store those things that if someone else gets a hold of it, it’s no big deal.

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