Drafts 2.0 for iOS Users

Like any other techno geek Apple users too are looking to do something new with their device. Take for instance the new update on Drafts for iOS devices. This interface enables in quickly jotting down the notes, tweeting, creating list and other such functionalities that require drafts for content creation and text. It also includes the functionality of sharing so now you can share your creation that you have jotted immediately across various social media. Let us find out more about Drafts 2.0 that is available for iPad and iPhone users.

What is Drafts?

A well-known app for iOS users that enables in taking notes, creating lists, jotting down ideas immediately and comes equipped with sharing functionality. The interface of this app is simple and easy to use; it also allows a user to send the document to other apps. You also have a sharing option to share it across your social media accounts.

This app has been updated recently in the month of August. If you are looking forward to download this app on your iPhone then you can do so with mere $1.99, if you want it for you iPad then you need to shell out $2.99.

What is Drafts 2.0 all about?

Initially when you launch the app of Drafts on iPhone you will be greeted with a blank sheet. You will be able to see a row of buttons in the middle and a keyboard. You can easily create a new blank note or document utilizing the button functionality. You can also view previous notes, search documents and share with quick view option.

Using Drafts for creating notes and sharing

For creating a blank new document you need to go to the app and launch it, then immediately begin typing test. Interestingly Drafts has no save button as the content gets auto-saved as soon as you start entering text, also the initial text entered in the drafts will be automatically added as the title to your document. You need not tap or swipe for creating a draft, a quick jotting down will help in easily creating notes or enter contact info.

As for those who are conscious of the word limit while creating a note, draft comes loaded with a feature that keeps a word count. As soon as you start entering words you will see a running word count displayed on the screen along with the number of character count. Now you can easily choose to create text for Twitter and keep a count of the number of characters accordingly. You can create texts via typing or through voice dictation feature supported by Drafts.

If you want to add notes or lists that are longer than usual then you can:

• Swipe down the keyboard
• A full screen will appear
• A Link Icon will appear at the bottom of the row
• Tap the Link Button
• Now you can create URL, e-mail ids, addresses, contacts

For the purpose of sharing your document you need to:

• Tap the Share button
• Sharing options will be revealed
• Social media options like Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter will appear for instant sharing
• Change the font, size and background color with Appearance
• Go to Settings to include the items in the sharing list and the order of appearance
• Settings>Manage Actions to turn the functionality on/off for sharing

You can also synchronize your drafts with various devices via Simperium. This can be enabled through two simple steps that can be enabled with the Settings option. Create an account with Simperium and you are ready to synchronize your drafts.

In the Accounts section of Settings you will be easily able to share your notes on social media accounts. For undo or redo options you would still need to rely upon the buttons included in the keyboard located next to navigation buttons.

Now after going through the descriptive article on Drafts 2.0 it is needless to say that you will be easily able to create your jottings and lists with ease. Sharing your creations online is made easy with this updated version and synchronizing is enabled via Simperium.

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