Futuristic Computerized Glasses: Wearable Mini Computers?

Would you wear a pair of glasses that looked like they stepped out of a Star Trek episode or James Bond movie? How much would you pay for a pair of glasses that are designed to be used as wearable mini computers? Each year, modern technology will take a leap of faith to introduce new and innovative digital gadgets for consumers. Most digital devices purchased now-a-days appear to get their inspiration from the gadgets seen or featured in Sci-Fi programs.

Augmented reality glasses, such as the Google Glasses are changing the way people interact with modern technology. These glasses are designed to perform a myriad of functions like translating a foreign language as it is spoken, to accessing information and sharing what the individual is viewing by way of a camera built into the glasses. Such computing devices could unleash novel ways for consumers to share up-to-the-minute breathtaking or spine-tingling moments with others.

On the flipside, many critics feel that futuristic computerized glasses can be another digital distraction by shortening an individual’s attention span and become problematic to create unawareness about what is currently happening around them. Another point is raised about how this device will accommodate individuals with eye problems who need corrective lens. Consumers have to also wonder what the peripherals will look like to print documents and photographs on.

The Internet connected glasses, like the Google Glasses will start around $1,500 and its anticipated launch period is expected to begin in 2014. The choice is yours, if you have the money to invest in a computerized device that is wearable on your face. The invention and introduction of Internet connected glasses is certainly a game changer in the quest for new channels of engagement with digital technology.

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