How To Set A User Password On Windows 7

If you need to setup a password in Windows 7 this short tutorial will show you how. Setting up a password in Windows vista is very similar to this process so can be used in vista too if that is the operating system you are running.

Setting a password on your Windows 7 computer offers you some basic protection for your files and folders and is recommended for anyone who has more than one user in the house. The password also prevents other accounts on the computer accessing your files. The files it protects are things like documents, pictures, music, favourites and any other folders that are created under the user account

To setup a Windows 7 password on your user account you first need to go to the control panel. This can be found by clicking the Windows start button in the bottom left corner and then selecting control panel on the right hand side.

1. Once in control panel select user accounts. If you have your view set to category mode select the add or remove user accounts option. This is in the right hand column under User accounts and family safety.

2. Once you are into the user account control section select the user account that you wish to password protect by left clicking on it once

3. You will now have a new window that has a variety of options and settings that you can change. We are interested only in creating a password so select create a password.

4. On the new screen you will be asked to enter a new password. Be sure to make this a difficult to guess password but also one that you can remember as removing a password or recovering a forgotten password is very difficult.

Once you have entered a password enter it again identically in the box below. You may also leave yourself a password hint that you can click should you forget the password but remember that anyone can see this hint so be sure not to put something like pets name.

5. Once you have done the above simply click the create password button at the bottom to enable your password.

You can now close the control panel Windows by clicking the red x at the top right corner of the screen.

If you wish to test your password go to the start menu button and then select log off. Once your account has logged off you should be presented with the user login screen which should now ask you for a password before allowing you to access the computer.

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