Setting Up Your New iPad and Protective Cover

Purchasing a new piece of electronic gadgetry like the iPad can be really exciting, especially if you have never owned anything like it before. It may be tempting to rush into using it without taking some time to set everything up properly but if you spend a little time investing in this at the start then you will get so much more out of your new iPad and it will last much longer too! Here are some points to consider.

Apps – the sort of apps you choose for your iPad will depend on what you intend to use it for. Initially most people took to the iPad for personal use but in recent years its application in businesses has become more widespread. In fact, Apple now sells iPads at a rate of over 60 million units per year! Before you can download or purchase any apps from the app store you will need to register an iTunes account if you do not already have one.

Internet access – you will probably have considered this prior to purchasing your iPad because each one comes with an optional 3G payment plan for internet access as and when you need it. Without 3G you are limited to local Wi-Fi but as this becomes increasingly widespread and with the onset of 4G the need for 3G is likely to diminish. Always check your data plans to ensure you do not exceed the limit.

Backing up – as with any electrical data storage device it is vital that you have a system in place for backing up data should your iPad become lost, stolen or damaged. This could be through a laptop, computer or even a cloud service, whatever you prefer.

Security – unfortunately with a risk of theft comes a risk of security and fraud. Never hold any vital personal data on your iPad and always ensure it is suitably protected, insured and stored out of sight when not in use. The iPad may be increasingly common but it is still a highly desirable piece of equipment.

Choosing a cover – finding a suitable cover is important if you want to keep your iPad protected. There are numerous designs and features you can choose from and the price can vary significantly. Always look for a robust material and some form of screen protection to ensure maximum protection and remember to check that the cover is compatible with the generation of iPad you have purchased.

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