User Tips for Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III is arguably the most sought after phone by techno geeks, especially those who are more interested in products by other brands. However, it is not necessary that a user is aware of the tips that one can apply to obtain a better gadget experience. There are easy to apply tips to enable the functionality and utilize the other phone features efficiently. Let us learn about the valuable tips that you can use.

7 Tips to apply for Samsung Galaxy S III

1) Panels and Folders on Home Screen

The panels and home screen of Galaxy S III is unique within itself. It has seven panels for its home screen. The best that you can do is move and resize the widgets according to your convenient. You have the choice of seven home screens and the option to remove it as you desire.

As said above it is not necessary that you require seven screens. You can eliminate the panels if you want, for this you can delete it. Menu button>Edit> Drag and drop in trash. If you want to add a panel then all you need to do is Menu button>Edit> Tap + sign and a new panel is added. You can also make changes to the home panel and make it appear as your central panel. Tap the Home icon that is displayed on the right hand upper corner of individual panel.

If you are thinking that navigating through seven screens is a cumbersome task then think again. You can easily jump panels via swiping motion from left to right to reach the panel of your choice. For the purpose of quick navigation you can also use the small dots located at the bottom of the screen. If you tap on the Home button then you will come back to the central panel of home screen.

Creating folders is easy on individual home screen; this will help you with organizing apps and help in customizing. For creating a folder, Tap Menu Key> Create Folder>Tap Folder and enter desired name>Drag and Drop apps

2) Launching Search Function

You can quickly access a built-in search function that not only searches the Web, via Google, but also your device. Simply tap and hold the Galaxy S III’s Menu key until a search bar appears, then type in whatever you seek.

3) Customizing App Drawer

An app drawer is where the apps are kept stored after downloading it on the device. It is easy to customize the app drawer of your Galaxy S III. This can be done, Go to Apps Icon> Tap Menu. You can make changes for customizing the drawer and arrange the apps. For this purpose, Open App Drawer>Menu> View option> Select the desired setting.

4) Saving battery power

Saving the battery of your device is essential to bring out the maximum output, especially when you are a frequent traveler. You can determine the battery percentage via inbuilt indicator, this helps you in finding out the percentage of battery left.

To save battery power of your Samsung Galaxy SIII you can utilize the functionality of power saving mode. This can be done by reaching the Settings>Scroll> Device> Power Saving> On

To display the percentage of your battery, Go to Settings> Display

5) Launch the S Voice

Samsung has an inbuilt feature of voice assistant called the S Voice. You can utilize this voice-enabled functionality for conducting online search, seeking directions and even launching apps. All this can be easily done with a double tap on the Home button. If you want to launch or control apps then, Go to Device settings> Settings> Language and Input> Voice Command> Turn On

6) Task Manager and App Switch option

You can use the feature of App Switcher to enable viewing recently downloaded applications.

Home button> Scroll up or down to view recent apps and instantly launch them.

Using the option of App Switch, Go to App Switcher> Task Manager

This way you will get information upon card and device memory, RAM use, File downloads and apps that are active upon your device. This will help you in choosing to eliminate heavy files and files that are no longer required.

7) Using the Tap-to-Top Functionality

The functionality of tap-to-top comes handy for quickly jumping menus in your e-mail. For example, you want to go to contact list or inbox to check out the new e-mail you can easily use Tap-to-Top to jump. You save time consumed in scrolling from one e-mail menu to another. To activate this functionality you just need to Tap at the top of your device and it is done.

All the above given tips will help you gaining rich user experience with Samsung Galaxy SIII. You can easily apply these and enable the functionalities and features that were less known to you at the time of purchase of this gadget.

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