What to Expect in the New iPhone?

There are numerous speculations going around about the next iPhone or the so-called iPhone5 regarding the features it might be having. However, the official announcement about the name of the new Apple iPhone is yet to be made public and so are the technology specifications. But still this new phone has managed to acquire most of the media coverage and the interest of techno geeks world over.

The truth is no matter how much we speculate, only the people within Apple are aware of the technology that the next iPhone will have and the exact features this phone will have. Nonetheless, there are talks going on in whispers about the features that this phone will have.

According to a news source following features and technical aspects are included in the new iPhone:

4-inch Screen Display

There are various news reports that reveal the screen size of 4 inches with a resolution of 1136×640. This news came from a source closely related to the company. If we look at the measurements of the device it is noticeable that it is relatively more stretched. This way the apps that are 960X640 in resolution will display the apps in a much better view. Comparatively the existing 3.5 inches screen was a bit shorter for accommodating more icons and displaying apps. Now a user will see more icons on the home screen with 4 inches screen display. An extra row of menu icons can be easily added to each home screen menu.

LTE Technology

Long has been spoken about incorporating the technology of LTE or the Long Term Evolution. This technology enables in achieving network speed and effective communication. The new iPhone will have enhanced capacity of network and facilitate better communication. Another reason that seems to validate the inclusion of LTE is the criterion set by carriers like Verizon and AT&T for including Smartphones that are hi-end in their network. Reportedly, these carriers are in a bid to shift Smartphone companies from 3G to 4G and make the transition quicker. With Apple the concept seems to be catching up too and so the news of an LTE powered iPhone is being talked about in the media. One can actually observe how the new devices have accepted the LTE, with it the designs of the phones too have seemed to change drastically. Now the phones are relatively slimmer and have good battery as compared to phones that were launched a year ago. This time it is Apple that is about to make a transition to this new technology.

NFC Communication

The NFC or Near Field Communication feature enables in device communication and rapid exchange of content. The contact is established by touching the devices together, the radio waves between two devices makes it possible to exchange content easier and faster as compared to other means of data exchange mode. For Apple this technology is essential to enable the Passbook functionality. This way it would be easier to make payments through mobile. Passbook functionality is capable of integrating Starbucks cards, tickets, loyalty cards and much more. However, it is still not clear whether Apple is incorporating the NFC in iOS6 or not.

The new dock connector

In the earlier Apple devices the inclusion of 30-pin dock connector made the device chunkier. Another thing to notice is that the docket supports redundant technology like Firewire that is no longer used by Apple. This is the reason why it is essential for Apple to introduce a new docket that is relatively slimmer with pins that are supportive of current technology. Apple may come up with a dock connector having 8 or 9 pins for iPhone including adapter or a dongle.

A better processor

Apple has long been putting up with its A5 processor. However, now that Samsung is coming out with quad-core (Cortex-A9-based) processor to facilitate faster and better performance it is speculated to be included in the next device. The next processor by Apple might be named A6, this is supposed to be in close resemblance to Exynos chips by Samsung.

The above given arguments indicate Apple iPhone5 might include these technologies. However, it is still not made public whether all this will be included or not officially. Till the new device is launched all we can do is wait and watch.

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