What to Look Out for in Lenovo IdeaPad U310?

Lenovo has recently come out with Lenovo IdeaPad U310 that is stylish, thin, portable and reasonably priced at $990. However, these are not the only features; this Ultrabook comes packed with many features that are more interesting and have added functionality. Let us find out more about this Ultrabook and the features that make it interesting to buy.

The Lenovo IdeaPad U310 is powered with Core i3-2367M processor (Intel). It has a RAM o f4GB, hard drive of 500GB and a drive of 32GB. All this helps in instant booting of system; it does not takes more than 53 seconds of boot time, which is indeed expected of an Ultrabook. It also includes technical strength of 64bit Windows 7 (Home Premium). The graphics provided are HD 3000 that are responsible for display and clarity. This Ultrabook measures at 266 by 316 by 227 mm with a weight of 1.7 kg that makes it light weight and easier to carry. Let us now find out about the look and feel, performance and other aspects of this ultrabook.

Performance test

When it comes to the performance of Lenovo IdeaPad U310 the experts rated it 94% in its performance. The performance test results indicate how good the output and the overall workability factor are affected. Another interesting thing to note is the test related to image editing activity. This notebook took almost 228.5 seconds to complete the entire task of editing while other tasks that include encoding of audio did not came at par with other Ultrabooks. Therefore, if you are indulging in image editing then the performance is fair but as far as audio encoding is concerned you will be a bit disappointed. On routine usage basis, this Ultrabook is good and steady in performance.

As far as the battery is concerned, you will only get an average of 5.27 minutes of battery backup. Therefore, it cannot be used for gaming as this activity requires a steady supply of battery power. However, you can still watch HD videos and play a few MMORPG’s. if you want to use it for graphic activities then, you need to be discrete about utilizing it. You can carry out only mild graphic activities that are not taxing on the battery life. Let us now move on the design factor of this notebook.

Design of Lenovo IdeaPad U310

If you are looking for a notebook that is stylish, reasonably priced ($990) and thin then this is the one for you. It is available in various colors like, aqua blue (white interior), Silvery grey (black interior) or Cherry pink (white interior). However, the best are the ones with metallic finish that is on par with the look and feel of Apple product. Rounded at the edge, this notebook is attractive with soft finishing of dark aluminum grey panel. The logo of Lenovo is located on the left corner that depicts a diamond cut shape (chrome finish) that is good to look at.

As far as the other physical features are concerned, the interior is surrounded with shiny black bezel with glossy finish of the screen.

The area to rest your wrist has a smooth surface with silver color aluminum, while the keyboard area is in black that is in contrast to the overall color, it contains chiklet shaped keys. The keys are in matte finish, soft touch and supports high speed typing. For those who are good at typing can rely on the keyboard.

The touch pad is made of glass and highly responsive to touch. Here Lenovo is rather modern in its approach by not including mouse buttons; the touch pad itself doubles up as mouse buttons that are included at the bottom and bit depressed. Other things include two fingers scroll, zoom facility by pinch, all this is indicative of multi-touch capacity all in one touch pad.

The power button is traditional in design, it is small and rounded displaying pin-thick LED. There are two ports of USB 3.0; the design is also inclusive of a HDMI output with Ethernet connection. On the right hand side of the notebook, the user can find a 2.0 USB port; you can utilize the jack that is capable of supporting the microphone input and a headphone.

Overall the look, feel and appearance of this notebook are impressive to look at which definitely is something that can give a good competition to its biggest rival.

Audio and visual

The screen display is rather glossy in finish with 1366×768 pixels of resolution. The screen is impressive the text display is clear to read, colors of screen are close to life like display, the tonality of white and black are as good as it can be. Even though the screen is glossy in finish, the glass is anti-glare to prevent unnecessary gleam that are damaging to the eyes of the user.

The only drawback with this screen is the contrast of darkness against direct sunlight. You cannot make out the content in the sunlight, for this you need to sit in the shade where the screen display is comfortable to look at. The best viewing experience is in well-lit room where the light will not conflict with the screen display.

This notebook is a good option for users who are looking for good audio quality. The speakers quality is good and the sound volume is loud when compared to other Ultrabooks. If you are having a small gathering of people in a medium size hall then this can come handy for playing music at full blast.

In conclusion, Lenovo IdeaPad U310 is a good deal when it comes to style, portability, pricing and performance; for those who are looking for a premium looking brand and are budget conscious this is it.

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