Which OS Enabled Smartphone Best Suits You?

A Smartphone is not just another gadget; it is in fact the very need of a digital consumer. There are many Smartphone available in the technology market with different OS (Operating System) and this is the reason why it is not easy to choose the best out of available options. If you know about the different OS enables phone and their advantages then it would be easier to choose one for you. Let us find out about each one.

Windows enabled device

In the recent technology scenario the most emerging technology is that of Windows enabled phone. Nokia has adapted this technology recently in its devices. The best thing about the devices powered with Windows is smooth UI (User Interface) and easy to operate scroll functionality. For this device the software updates are regularly launched in the market and are easy to apply. The worst part is that of upgrading from Windows 7 to 8, which is not possible, other thing included few apps for this platform. However, the performance is at par with any other hi-end OS.

Android OS phones

If you are looking at a device that will help you fetch e-mails, facilitate browsing and help connect on social media, then the best to choose is an Android powered device. The UI is convenient and easy to help gain access to menus. Android powered devices are available for minimum $ 72 and up to $ 725. The only drawback that these devices have is that of transition from old version to new. They are slow in fetching updates.

Devices powered by Android OS: Xperia(Sony), Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC OneX

iOS by Apple

iOS by Apple is the most popular device amongst Smartphone user market, the most attractive feature is that of smooth navigation capacity. With numerous apps to access, the user is never out of options for something new and exciting to add to the device. The user has the freedom to edit, create presentations, re-touching videos and play around with music too. However, the only thing that keeps a user from getting an iOS device is the price. However, the iOS is updated on regular intervals. The only drawback is that this device consumes a lot of battery power.

Black Berry Operating System

Blackberry OS (Operating System) became instantly popular with enterprise users. it instantly became a hit with buyers seeking professional phone with the functionality of operating outlook. Everyone who has purchased it swears by its e-mail performance and internal messaging system namely BBM service. This device integrates e-mail (outlook), social networking and BBM all together. Its earlier devices were QWERTY keypad, now it has evolved into purely touch screen device with changing technology and keeping up with the latest touch screen trend. One can easily own a Blackberry with $181. The only drawback with this device is that of UI which is not as smooth as compared to the devices of its rivals.

Blackberry OS Devices: Blackberry Bold 9790 and 9900, Torch 9860 by Blackberry

Symbian powered phones

Symbian devices are less in numbers probably the reason is that other high-end devices with better OS are taking over the technology market. The likes of iOS and Window phones are more attractive to consumers. Symbian powered devices like Nokia E7 and E5 both are equally good when it comes to performing various tasks. Whether it is related to running apps without hassles or hooking on to social networking these both come on par. Without any hassle or hang-up these devices are equally good at online tasks and app downloads. Checking on e-mails and long battery life are something that you will find good enough. The only drawback with Symbian device is that in the long-haul one might face trouble with speed and with changing technology you may consider better options.

Symbian devices: NokiaE7 and 710, Pure View808

After finding out about different OS enabled Smartphone available it is easier to choose the one best suited to you and your needs.

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