Who Should Teach a Business Owner to Use Their New Collaboration Tool for Business?

Learning how to use collaboration tools for business is very confusing. The best thing an owner can do is to find help to teach them how to use the systems as fast as possible. However, the advice from different types of people is going to be completely different each time. Therefore, the question is who has the best information when it comes to using the systems for business.

1. Sales people are not the best teacher of a system

Sales people are not the best teachers of a collaboration tool for the technical uses of a system. However, what they are good at is using the system to generate sales and contacts. If an owner needs to learn how to use the system to make money or generate contacts, then these are the people to talk to for information on those subjects.

However, it is smart to remember that these people are not the right people to ask for technical help when it comes to using the tool. Sales people are too busy to play with all of the bells and whistles that a system may have. If a business owner wants to learn how to manage employees in the system, then they should not ask the sales people because they will not know off hand.

2. IT departments cannot do it either

IT departments are only good for asking how to do very technical things in the systems. They will understand processes, but they will not know how to manage people using the systems. They are best used when there is a problem with the system that needs to be fixed. This is their best use. These people cannot help an owner make more money, get more contacts, or manage employees. However, they are essential to business success because they keep the systems running like they should. Do not ask this people for advice on how to grow a business; just ask them to fix problems when they arise.

3. The best person to teach a business owner how to best use a system is a person who has used the system

The best person to help a business owner make money, generate sales, and find ways innovative ways of using the systems is another business owner who uses (or has used ) the system. These people have manipulated their systems to work the way they want them to work. Only business owners understand business owners because there are shared experiences that only people who run businesses have had. An owner should seek another business owner who has experience using the system and ask for their assistance in learning how to manipulate the system for best use.

In closing, a business owner can learn a lot from talking to sales people, the IT department, but they will not get everything they need to run their business efficiently using their advice. The best advice comes from other business owners who use the system and know the ins and outs of the systems. These people have found ingenuitive ways of using the systems that are not found in the manuals. Therefore, an owner should always ask other business owners to help them to use their systems better and with more efficiency.

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