5 Best Add-Ons for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser used by a number of people worldwide. The browser gives many additional features to its users that are not possible with any other browsers. High reliability and security are the key features of the browser. In spite of various default features a browser has to be configured for some special features that may be unique for every people.

This is the reason that prompted the facility of add-ons in the browser. An add-on is the supplementary program of the software called browser. It cannot run independently. It could very easily deviate or change the working and performance of the web browser. The add-ons may be different for different web browsers. Mozilla Firefox is a browser, which can be made rich in features with the help of a number of add-ons available to be used as per your own requirement.

Below are given the five most important add-ons for Mozilla Firefox browser.

1. Ad Block Plus: This is the best and very important add-on for the browser that should be used for blocking all types of online advertisements. If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser then for sure you would be sometimes irritated due to the unwanted advertisement windows. So, here is the solution for all of them. The add-on can also be used to block all types malware advertisement windows from opening on your browser.

2. Browser Protect: Sometimes you might be hijacked in searching on Mozilla Firefox browser. You may be encountering the problem of home page alteration. Then you would surely like to be protected from hijacking your sessions. It can easily be done with the help of getting the add-on browser protect for your Firefox browser.

3. Automatic save folder: If you frequently download different kinds of files from the internet such as documents, PDF files, PPTs, MP3 files or movies then every time you want them to be saved in the destined folder for themselves like the MP3s must be stored in the MP3 folder and movies must be stored in the movies folder etc. This objective is easy to attain with the help of the Add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It will fix the files path and your work would be done easy every time you download a file on your PC using the Internet.

4. Instant Fox quick search: If you want to have the very fast browsing speed by just typing instantly on the screen with your Firefox browser then here is the add-on for you. It will help you suggesting easy options to search from the many options available. As you will start typing you would be getting instant suggestion for typing based on your bookmarked web pages.

5. Read it later: There are times when you can easily get the web page opened for you, but you may not have time to read it instantly, in this case what you can do is to use the read it later add-on. It can save pages by just a click on read later.

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