Basic Tips for a Healthy Laptop

Laptop maintenance is a wonderful thing to do. If you’re thinking about selling your laptop in the future, it is imperative you maintain your laptop in top shape before selling it.

By maintaining your laptop, you reduce the chances of a dramatic drop of resale price due to scratches and other damage. People always want to buy a laptop that’s shiny instead of something that looks like garbage!

You’ve come to the right place for tips in keeping your laptop healthy. Follow these tips. They’re easy to follow and require minimal effort.

Dust Away!

Dust is the number one killer of laptops. If you own a laptop and you like to leave it at one place in your room, eventually it’s going to get dusty. You’ll find that the corners are dusty and the whole cover is dusty. Of course, sweeping it away works, but you’re not seeing the real problem – the dust inside.

Laptops have fans that suck in air to cool the parts and as time goes by, that accumulates dust. When that fan gathers dust, efficiency is significantly lowered. Heat builds up and precious parts like the motherboard can get damaged, leading you to spend hundreds of dollars for repairs.

The best thing you can do is get a can of compressed air and regularly blast dust away from the vents. You can do this at least every other week.

To prevent even more dust from entering, the best thing you can do is put your laptop in a bag after you use it. That way, you’ll keep your laptop protected from dust, and scratches too.

Beat the Heat

As mentioned earlier, when heat gets into your computer, parts are damaged.

So aside from dust, the other killer of laptops is heat. As simple as it sounds, not many take care of their laptops when it’s under heat.

There are several factors why computers heat up. One, it could be the environment around the device. Two, the fan isn’t working properly anymore due to dust or it’s broken.

So to beat the heat, the best thing you can do is to avoid using your laptop in direct sunlight. It’s a really sure – fire way to get your stuff damaged.

No matter how fancy your laptop is and how many fans it has, something will go wrong under direct sunlight. Always look for shade.

Another thing you can do is to point a fan towards you and your laptop to keep things cool. That’ll help in the long run, especially in the hot summer months.

Clean Your Laptop Regularly

Another thing you can do to prevent dust from entering the laptop is to wipe it with tissue every day before you go to sleep.

Also, clean the keyboard because it can become full of germs. Dust, crumbs and other nasty stuff can accumulate there!


These three tips are sufficient enough to keep your laptop healthy and running for a long time. The key is to never forget the maintenance required.

Consistency is key.

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