Finding Information and Protecting Yourself Online

When your grandparents were dealing with someone they knew who it was; it was a face to face meeting that always began and ended with a handshake. They could read that person through their expressions and actions and make a decision based on what they knew. You, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury, especially on the internet. What you do have on your side though, is technology. There is a lot you can do to find out who you are really dealing with and it’s as easy as starting with their email and a reverse email lookup search engine.

Below you will find a few examples of just what you can, and should, look for just using a person’s email address.

Use reverse email lookup for safe online dating

Let’s face it more and more people are turning to online dating because they just don’t have the time and energy to go out and meet potential partners. While online dating can be a great way to meet new people it also offers predators and generally bad people a place to prey on you. So, you meet Mr. Right online, his pictures look great and he’s looking for the same things you are in a relationship. As the emailing back and forth continues you find out much more about him and decide you would like to meet.

This is a great time to use a reverse email lookup search engine. You can input his email and in seconds can find out what other email addresses he might be using, phone numbers, his address’s and maybe the address of his web page. Many of these search engines will also pull up pictures that have been posted to the internet through the email address he gave you.

With this information and a little more research you can find out a lot about a person. Maybe the address is listed to a Mr. and Mrs. Right. Maybe his web page talks about how he hooks up every week with new women on that dating site. Maybe that handsome picture is actually 20 years old. Or, maybe he was telling you the truth all along.

Either way it’s in your best interest to protect yourself whenever you are dealing with someone you barely know.

Use a reverse email lookup for finding the identity of a persistent spammer

You run a website for a local charity and on this website you encourage readers to post comments and interact with the community. Unfortunately you might also encounter people just looking to spam your site or worse actively harass and threaten you and the other members.

You can use reverse email lookup to find out exactly who this person is. With this persons information you can find out who their internet provider is and report them for spamming and or harassment. You can also collect this information and turn it over to the police to investigate if threats have been made. If nothing else you will find out which email addresses to ban, and if the person is persistent still, you can file a civil suit against them. And you can get all the information you need right through the reverse email lookup.

Use a reverse email lookup service to help organize a high school reunion

Planning a high school reunion or just looking for long lost friends? Most of the friends we had back in high school have moved several times, gotten married and in some cases passed away. This is where a reverse email lookup search engine really shines. If you have an email address for a person, even if it’s an old one, you’ll find out other email addresses they have used, name changes and many, if not all, of the addresses they have lived at or where they currently reside.

These search results are constantly updated connecting one address to another, to a name, to a website and much more. You’ll be able to find out not only where you can find your old friends but in most cases what they have been up to through other search points such as social networks, websites and pictures they may have posted. It’s never been easier to get back in touch.

Use a reverse email lookup service when buying something on Craigslist

In these economic times we are all looking for a deal, and many online marketplaces such as Craigslist and eBay provide the perfect place to find what we are looking for. The great thing about such marketplaces are that we can find deals from sellers right in our own cities; saving us shipping and website fees. Unfortunately we don’t know anything about the seller we will have to meet in order to seal the deal. While it’s always a good idea to meet and make the deal in a public place it’s still a good idea to do your due diligence and find out a little about who you are dealing with.

Using the reverse email lookup you can find out more about this persons dealing online. Maybe they have been selling for a while and there are other buyers out there who have had a great experience with this seller, maybe they got ripped off. By doing a reverse lookup you can find out everything connected to their email and with a little more research you can give yourself peace of mind. Let’s say you are a single female college student looking for a sofa. You find what you are looking for and make a deal. The seller even says he will deliver it free of charge. Now, let’s say you do that reverse email lookup and find out the man selling the sofa is a convicted sexual predator, still want that sofa? This may never happen, but it still pays to protect yourself and find out exactly who you are dealing with.

Use a reverse email lookup service for looking yourself up

Another great aspect of using a reverse email lookup is you can look up your own email. You might think that strange but it’s actually a very smart thing to do. You might find that someone else has been using your email address to say nasty things on particular websites. You might find that someone wrote a blog post giving out your email address without your knowledge.

You also might find things available through the search that you never meant to be public. You didn’t post those pictures of the big party on your Facebook page because you didn’t want the boss to see. Instead you posted them on another site. Well, if your email address is associated with those pictures then you will find them in your search, and if you can find them so can the boss.

It’s a good idea to see what’s out there connected to you so you can either clean it up or make sure it doesn’t exist.

Using reverse email lookup search engines just makes good sense. All the information that they provide is public information that can be found by anyone at any time. This doesn’t give you the right to use this information in an illegal or harassing manner but it will help you to know who you are dealing with. With all things in life, protecting yourself and your interests should always be your first priority.

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