How to Call PC Support 911 for Instant Troubleshooting

Pull the Plug!

This has helped more users than you can imagine. Since most software parasites use the internet to get inside your computer, PC experts will always tell you to shut down your computer, or at least to disconnect from the internet. If your data has been corrupted by a boot sector malware, then there is a high chance that it will take advanced recovery tools to get your programs and files back.

Cleaning up your computer is an essential task, especially when your PC starts showing signs of infection or slowdown. This could mean that your temporary files, a place where spyware is to be generally found, are taking an increasing amount of space on your computer’s hard disk. Calling computer support emergency services in this situation becomes the most practical thing to do. It is not advisable that you try to remove the infection on your own.

You can restart the computer in safe mode to see how far the problem has spread. If your PC does not start up at all, then you could be dealing with booting issues which are fairly common on Windows XP computers.

Get a PC Doctor

This needs to be step two. Your computer may have crashed and will need someone experienced with advanced troubleshooting to go into the program files and see what is causing the problem. Phone support can help you get step-by-step guidance right from plugging in your computer or printer to troubleshooting software issues and Windows installation problems.

Your computer’s health may be in a bad shape. You might experience this at first, but remember that everything adds up to slow down your PC considerable and make it vulnerable to internet threats and data theft. Updating Windows as well as your antivirus program can go a long way in securing you against generic computer issues. However, this alone is not enough.

Optimize, Tune up, and Boost Speed

In the long run, you will need to increase the RAM on your computer. Users will typically increase the memory on the hard drive so that they can store more bytes of data on their computers. But running a low RAM can cause frequent crashes and programs will eventually stop responding.

An expert online technician will be responsible for tech support to de-fragment your hard disk and reduce the time take for PC to start or load programs. Other optimization utilities are also required to enhance the performance of your computer.

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