How to Start a Free Website Using Weebly in 7 Easy Steps

Why a Website?

Unless you’ve just awakened from a decade long slumber in a cave, you should know that our global economy is in turmoil. As politicians scheme and CEOs pinch pennies, millions of people are left without sufficient income. Starting a web site is one of the smartest moves one can make in this life of chess. Many people start web sites to show off the birth of a child, brand an organization, or to operate their storefront online. These are all great reasons to launch a site, but if you’re not using it to create a cash flow you truly are missing out.

Why Weebly?

If you know how to start a web site using Weebly, you will find yourself saving a lot of time and frustration. According to Alexa, this popular online resource ranks in the top 350 platforms in the world as of June 2012. The reason why this should be of importance to you is for the purposes of traffic. The more popular a site is, the more it is deemed trustworthy and reliable. And if the purpose of you starting one is to make money this will go a long way.

Even if you don’t own a small business you can still take advantage by placing a lead capture form on your website. You can even be a blogger and build a list of leads to later monetize. The bottom line is that if you’re going to own digital real estate you may as well get something in return.

Let’s Begin!

1. To start constructing your website, type into your browser.

2. If you don’t have an account already, go ahead and register. On their home page they just ask for a Full Name, Email, and Password.

3. After signing into your account, click on the orange button labeled, Add Site.

4. At this point you will see a window pop up asking you to Enter a title for your web site. Beneath that, choose the Type of Site from the drop down menu. Hit the Continue button.

5. In this next step you will see a window where they want you to Choose Your Website Domain. Unless you own a domain use a subdomain of theirs.

Note: Whenever you build Weebly websites you should aim to choose subdomains that are hot keywords and relevant to your website’s objective. You want to do this because search engines will look for keywords all over your site, including the URL.

6. On the following page you’ll be forwarded to the editor mode. This is where the fun begins.

7. At the top left corner of the editor mode you will notice five tabs: Elements, Design, Pages, Editors, and Settings. When making your website masterpiece these tabs will be your guides. Everything that goes towards creating a properly functioning website will be found under these categories.

From here you can pretty much peruse around in any order wish but there are a few hints that should be mentioned.

– Everything under the element tab are widgets that can be dragged to your site.

– Sometimes it is easier to choose a website design first before adding widgets.

– You can make pages on your website have multiple columns by adjusting the layout

– Make use of the settings tab for search engine optimization. Make your site relevant.

The elements can be very beneficial to the look of your web page. You’ll be able to include things like: slide shows, maps, audio players for when you want to have a sound byte on your site. Decking out your pages is a whole lot more fun when you choose a template first. There’s something about editing while looking at the overall end result. When it comes to the SEO part in the settings it would be a good idea if you take time to gather keywords.

Consider placing them in the URL, the title, description, and the background (meta tags) of your website. Remember that the settings tab will be of great assistance to you. Keywords that are related to what your purpose is will get you that organic traffic, which is the type that comes “naturally.” The search engine traffic.

Using this resource is totally free, but if you would like much more options to create your website upgrading to Pro is a good idea. When wanting to know how to start a website, over 10 million people choose Weebly. Its super reliable servers and simple interface makes it a fan favorite.

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