Is Managed IT Service the Right Solution to the Challenges in IT Operations?

Information Technology has become the backbone of any business today. This has led to building IT department in the organization to manage and support the technologies. For many organizations the increasing IT expenditure is a pressure on the business. The increasing business needs and limited IT resource with tight budgets compromise the quality of IT services killing the productivity.

Some of the pain areas or challenges facing by many organizations are:

  • Finding the people with the right skill set.
  • Cost of employing multiple resources (staffs) based on specialization. For example a System/ Desktop Engineer cannot manage network devices, for this you need a Network Engineer. It adds on to expense when you need specialized resources.
  • Cost of training the IT staff to be updated with the fast growing technology
  • Awareness and adoption of latest technology, which helps to be the winner in the competition
  • Pressure on IT Budgets – Doing more with less
  • Retaining the staffs who know best about the company’s IT infrastructure. If this person goes on leave or resigns then things slowdown in the comany
  • End users don’t get timely and quality support reducing productive
  • Systems & Networks are not maintained properly leading to increasing downtime, data loss, reduces the life of the equipment and costlier break fix fees. (Unpredictable IT expenses)
  • Technology issues, for example if you had scheduled backup, it fails due to some reason; did you know it and if yes what was the root cause for the same?
  • Rotating the IT staff across all the branches for IT support; the time & cost involved in travel.

These are some of the pain points which many customers have shared with me. There are thousands of technology issues facing by organizations which can be fixed or proactively controlled before a downtime occurs. That’s when Managed IT Service providers can help with their proactive remote monitoring and management (RMM) services. Apart from the RMM services most Managed Service Provider(MSP) offer support & guidance for technology consultations and procurements.

Small medium businesses often miss out on the technological advantages larger companies enjoy. Its difficulty to accommodate the tools for monitoring the networks, systems, devices etc because of the limited budget and expertise. MSPs can facilitate the same world class monitoring and management without procuring a tool or employing a full time employee.

Below are some highlights of the benefits of opting for Managed IT Services.

  • Lower IT costs, reduces overhead expenses and brings the IT budget under control with predictable monthly cost that covers all preventative and proactive maintenance for servers, systems, network devices, etc.
  • Experience quality and best practice driven RMM services which is unmatched to the current IT staff
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) with guaranteed uptime and reduced business risks
  • Increase efficiency and productivity of staff as MSPs deliver proactive services not a reactive support.
  • The management IT headache is transferred to the MSPs
  • Be confident and updated with latest technology through expert consultancy from the MSPs
  • A stable and secure network environment also means you experience fewer instances of downtime or data loss and reliable IT services for your business.
  • Its pay as you go model based on the services you opt for. You can discontinue when ever you want.

These are some of the very general highlights for going with MSPs, however for a customized and free consultancy to see if Managed IT Services fit in your organization please feel free to contact me at or 00971 558743003

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