Is the Plantronics BackBeat 903+ a Good Headset?

The Backbeat 903+ headset is a great addition for anyone looking at quality sound and versatility. Are you looking for some new workout headphones? Maybe you’re like me and simply want the best headset technology can provide? Were you chilling at home and accidentally stepped on your old set and need a replacement? Do you commute and need some good sound while you hit stop and go traffic? Are you looking for a headset that’s much more versatile than the default set that comes with the iPhone? Either way, the Plantronics Backbeat 903+ is one of the top headsets aimed to support all types of functions and needs. I’ll try and provide you with enough information to assist in your decision on whether or not the 903+ is right for you.

Is the BackBeat 903+ Headset Your Sound Solution?

Being very cost effective is one of the great reasons this headset stands out. Priced around 80 bucks, you’re getting a lot of bang for the money spent. Not a lot of headphones give you so many features within this price range, making the 903+ stand out above the rest as far as price is concerned.

Regardless of needs, the Backbeat 903+ can fill them. You might be interested in a headset that provides sound via bluetooth technology. You may be looking for an “over the ear” type headset that wraps around the back of your neck. You could even be searching for a headset that supports voice commands. If you’re very active you might be interested in the 7 hour (talk) or 7 day (standby) battery life that Plantronics offers with this set. The Backbeat 903+ provides all these features and more.

Headset Features and Suggestions

While there are many other headsets on the market, the Plantronics Backbeat 903+ stands above the rest in so many categories. The iPhone on-screen meter shows you how much battery life there is remaining on the headset. The advanced audioIQ2 technology does a great job canceling outside noise while retaining the natural sounds of your voice. Voice alerts whisper softly in your ear as the battery gets low or the connection is lost. One major feature is the ability to stream things like music and podcasts, which comes in handy for those stream happy folks. Transmission ranges up 30 feet and at 34 grams the headset is extremely light.

The 903+ is creatively innovative in design and is quite an upgrade from the its predecessor.

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