The Texting Shortcuts of Today’s Modern World

Texting abbreviations, no matter how simple the term may seem to mean, is like a development of a new language where only those addicted to texting can fully understand. Teenagers dig this new lingo trend because it makes texting easier and faster to compose. Long messages will never be too long anymore with these abbreviations. Are you wise enough to decipher all the meanings of these different shortcuts? Is this something useful and beneficial to teenagers today or is this another bad effect of technology?

Yes there are very common abbreviations which can be understood by most people regardless of the age. Examples of these abbreviations are 143 (I love you), lol (laughing out loud), GF (girlfriend), BF (boyfriend), PLS (please), and so on. However, throughout the span of time people have made and created tons of new abbreviations giving others a hard time to decipher what it means, or worse, making others think of another meaning into it making the entire purpose of the message invalid.

Do you want proof? Here are just few of the new confusing examples of such texting abbreviations:

Yolo – you only live once

Tbh – to be honest

Btd – bored to death

Impov – in my point of view

Twma – till we meet again

Loml – love of my life

Sup – what’s up?

Idk – I don’t know

Idc – I don’t care

Bff – best friend forever

With these, and millions of other texting abbreviations, how can you possibly memorize all overnight? How come teenagers are very fond of using them when they can simply just write the entire word or phrase they want to say? Some say it can be fun and it they get the feeling of having their own world with their own language which is really awesome for them. Because teenagers are so fond of using texting abbreviations, what can be the possible disadvantages from it?

Let us start by the fact that texting abbreviations have the power to deplete the correct spelling of words and make teenagers think that those abbreviations are the ones which are correctly spelled. Spelling correctly is not anymore important for them. Second, as teenagers continue to make shortcuts, they also lose the value of patience and waiting which is very important in life. They always want the fast pace of life. As a result they miss out the important and more valuable things because of moving too fast. Thirdly, it can never be avoided to misunderstand what the exact message is supposed to tell you at times because of the shortened words. There is miscommunication which can possibly lead to chaos and more problems.

While it is great to be up to date with technology, it is also important to value the past and never forget the ideal things in life. At the end of the day, we can never put the blame towards the technology because we have a choice and it is all up to us on how we deal with the changes in today’s world. Live wisely!

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