The Wonder and Chaos of Smart Phones

I fought it off as long as I could but finally had to transport myself into the New Century by getting a new phone. As much as I love technology I don’t love it as much as I used to when I could keep up. Until about 2005 I was comfortable adapting and embracing the “new way of doing things” on-line, but after that point things changed so dramatically and quickly that I gave up trying.

My new Smart Phone- a Droid- was required because my old phone was losing pixels. A few here, a few there and before you know it I couldn’t read the right side of my texting line. It looked kind of weird since the beginning part of the sentence was spelled right, the other side… not so much. And I hated texting, primarily due to small letters and poor vision. I did not use the phone to surf since I didn’t want to get caught up in the “always distracted” mode that I see in people.

BUT, there is hope for everyone, including me, and I am now a fan and have concluded that there is no going back again.

As an (older) novice to Smart Phones I have some points to share:

  • Droid vs. Apple: I have always had issue with Apple due to their highly proprietary nature. When iTunes came out and I could not play their MP4s on my MP3 player that bugged the crap out of me. In the mid 90’s I had a business partner that was a Mac fiend and all office PCs were Apple products. At that time I was a die hard PC man, but I learned to endure. Not adapt, not love, just endure, and as much as I hear that Apple computers are superior, I still have a way to go before I abandon my team.
  • Remote e-mail: I am an e-mail junkie and prior to getting my phone I always had to be near an e-mail program to get my mail, either at home or at work. Hallelujah!, I have seen the light and having e-mail at my fingertips is beyond cool. It’s also more efficient. BTW, if you have Cox service like me, have your provider set up your phone. Cox frequently (per Verizon) changes their port settings, so after a week of trying it myself, tech support and I had it dialed in within 30 minutes.
  • Apps: As I write this there are more apps available than grains of sand on the beach, so which ones do you get? For me, it’s mostly about convenience and productivity. Having immediate access to some things is convenient; having voice command GPS turn-by-turn directions is a stress relief, and having a Jedi Light Saber on my phone? Well that just protects me if I run into Darth Vader.

As much as I did not want to be one of those “distracted ones”, now I find I am one. Sitting in a boring meeting with idle time? No more. Now I can at least see what’s going on without wondering. But the best, the very best things I like… are voice commands and large fonts. As a Boomer with less than acute reading vision I love being able to e-mail and text with just my voice and not be fearful of seeking out minute letters.

If you’ve been resistant, reluctant or just plain scared, go ahead and take the plunge.

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