What Does the IOS 5 Make You Want to Do?

Indeed, Apple once again has taken us to a whole new level of fun and convenience with their cutting edge operating system, the iOS 5.

As Apple provided every iDevice user with a free software upgrade to iOS 5, everyone seems to be in love with it.

When Apple announced that the latest update to the iOS platform would be released along with the new iPhone 4S, people all over the world got themselves and their gadgets ready for a major software revamp. A lot of iDevice owners – iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users – waited to experience the 200 new features that the iOS 5 could bring.

And of course, Apple did not disappoint the huge number of admirers when it came to giving them the promised update. It definitely wouldn’t be difficult to know how to sell your used iPad if your iPad had iOS 5 on it.

There were lots of improvements with the use of the iOS 5. Among these enhancements are the following most noteworthy improvements that even the tech pundits were delighted to have:

The iOS’ Most Wanted Features

New Reminders App

With the iOS 5, an iDevice user can use a to-do list with accurate features. It can provide a list with relevant locations and it will remind the user when needed. For example, if the user has set a to-do list for something to buy inside the mall, the user will be instantly reminded to get it as soon as he or she steps inside the area.

The New Notifications Center

The new Notifications Center sums up all the messages that an iDevice user receives. These messages, whether they are in the form of emails, texts, or even calendar reminders are collected and it makes it a lot easier for the user to navigate. Having this new notification system actually reduces mail and message clutter and it makes the lot available in one location. The Notification Center can be accessed with a single swipe of a finger and it was all made possible by the iOS 5. There will no longer be annoying pop-up messages when something comes up.

Deep Twitter Integration

Using the micro-blogging service right in iOS 5, an iDevice user can now send tweets from several of the platform’s other apps like the Safari browser and Maps. All that a user needs to do is to sign in just once on the Settings menu and the iOS 5 will do the rest.

The Newsstand

Using the Newsstand, iDevice users can manage their e-magazines and e-newspapers in one place. These publications can be accessed quickly with ease. The application is directly connected to the Apple App Store service dedicated to any subscription made. For voracious readers who have the original first edition iPad, sell an iPad for iPad 2.

The iMessage

Using the iMessage, an iDevice user can now chat and communicate with friends and family members using iOS 5 operated devices. Using an integrated messaging platform, an iDevice user can send an unlimited number of text messages, large files of photos and videos, accurate locations, and innumerable contacts when connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G connection for free.

With these amazing features, do you still want to know how to sell your old iPad? It’s definitely a great idea to sell your iPad for iPad 2, so that you’ll be amazed at these possibilities.

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