What You Should Know About a LAN Cable

A Local Area Network, or LAN, cable is designed for the connection of computers. Through the use of one you can connect two PCs together. The process is relatively easy as you take one end of the cable and plug it in to a computer’s port while doing the same with the other PC.

The purpose of these Ethernet cords is to be used for better internet performance. The cords are not just for home use. They can be used in businesses as well. The reason consumers use these types of cables is for their quality. They run faster while providing a consistent connection.

There are two main types of the cable, wired and wireless. Take a look at the differences between the two:

• Wired – This is normally used in settings such as a business where there are multiple computers connected. An Ethernet cable is needed for this option to physically connect all PCs.

• Wireless – This method runs off of wireless signals and can be connected by wired or wireless hardware.

Ethernet cables can be purchased online or at any store that specializes in electronics. They are known for their ability to run fast and have a long duration. Here is a look at the different types of cables:

• Category 5 enhanced – This type is taking over other installations as it is becoming increasingly popular. It is popular because it has the capacity to handle more data transmission.

• Category 5 – This is the most rudimentary and is known to come in several varieties. Companies use this type because it can withstand any data that needs to travel over longer distances.

• Category 6 – This is the best type of cable as it is high performing and delivers the best performance. This cable is also compatible with the other existing ones. Category 6 is the strongest and built to last forever.


Although this type of cable is strong and consistent, there are times when a PC will alert you that there is no internet connection although your modem and everything else is working properly. You wonder what to do in these situations. Here are some troubleshooting tips on how to solve the problem:

• Connection – Your connection may not be working because the wires are not touching one another. You need a strong connection between the two in order to get lightning fast speed out of your PC.
• Damaged wires – A cable goes through its share of wear and tear. When they age, they crack and this can account for a lost connection. A wire that accidentally gets sliced can also be a reason why this may be occurring.
• Wrong port – Your cables have to be put in the proper ports or else you will not be able to utilize your PC connection. If they are in the wrong ports, you will not see a green light as you had when there was a proper connection.

LAN cable is responsible for the connection of computers in business and homes. It is vital for the future as technology continues to grow.

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