DNS Optimization – WHY?

Many factors affect your internet speed, the big ones that folks always see is the DL (download), UL (upload) speeds, and those are what you pay for. In tweaking your internet connection to be as fast as possible, a frequently overlooked key is your DNS response time.

DNS?? Do Not Spindle? No, friends, it stands for Domain Name Server. There’s a lot of info out there you can use to get depth on what it does and how it works, but in a nutshell:

When you type a web URL (Uniform Resource Locator) into your address bar, DNS takes that TEXT (ie. www. d e l and turns it into a set of numbers called an IP address (ie. Your web browser (Firefox, IE. etc.) uses that IP address behind the scenes, and uses it to retrieve the page you want from the correct web server. As you can see, how fast your DNS comes back with numbers your browser can use, will affect everything you do on the web.

The important thing to KEY in on here is: How fast you get your webpage to load depends on how fast your DNS comes back with the website’s IP.

From the makers of the remarkable Hard-Disk Testing software SPINRITE, (Gibson Research Corporation) comes a benchmarking utility for testing the response (and other activity) of your current and public access DNS servers.

Download their DNS Benchmarking software FREE FREE FREE and find full details including usage instructions and ways to implement the changes suggested by the findings, HERE:

Of course, there may be other factors that affect your page loading, like server load (how many people are requesting the same page), and bandwidth (How fast IS your connection?), but if your DNS is slow to start with, everything else will be too. Be sure to check for the fastest DNS available and I suggest switching. You can do this either on your individual PC (will help only that computer) or for your whole network by changing the DNS settings on your router. Consult your manual or call your technician to make these adjustments so it works for everyone on your network.

Testing of regional and worldwide DNS servers showed the fastest ones for us in the Tipton County area (TN) (with Xipline for the ISP), are owned by Level 3 Communications:



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