MacBook Pro Battery Not Charging Reasons and Solutions

Knowing to MacBook pro battery not charging reasons and solutions

Are you one of those netizens who’s been searching this pharase: MacBook pro battery not charging and you ended up on this site?

Are you also one of those MacBook users who already tried pressing all the angle joints of the battery but it still not charging? At first, it feels like heaven to have a laptop without encountering any problem but as your laptop continues to age, you are encountering more and more problems. From poor battery performance, vanishing display, keyboard does not responding, to malfunctioning charger.

In this article, you will learn the reasons and solutions why you encounter this problem: MacBook pro battery not charging.

After several attempts, I’ve finally resorted to make a postmortem of my own state of the art gadget. Considering the same issue I had, it pushed me to take out my laptop’s battery, shake it lightly then put it back, then tried recharging it again. But yes, like your experience, it wasn’t a success. Still, with feeling of half-calmness and half-annoyance, I tried plugging and unplugging the charger every now and then. But still, my laptop remained lifeless. So that time, I realized that the biggest issue that one might encounter is not in the laptop itself, it is in the battery and of course, the precious charger.

The powercord could be the source of the problem. Chargers nowadays are relatively cheap compared to its price before. So why not give it a try? Buy a new charger, plug it and see if it will work. Sometimes, little cuts or minor faults could affect the flow of electricity hence your battery will not really charge even if you have already thrown it upside-down. Try replacing your charger and see if your problem will be solved.

Another reason is the battery itself. If you think that your laptop’s battery has been overused or most of the time, overcharged then it is the reason why your laptop’s battery is deteriorating or won’t open at all. At this point, let your old battery take its rest and look for battery replacement. But unlike power cords, batteries are quite expensive.

If none of the two things is your problem, then the laptop itself might be causing the issue. All you need to do to address this problem is go and have your laptop checked by a computer expert. Technicians might help you in recognizing the possible defect of your laptop why you always get this prompt message: MacBook pro battery not charging.

Trust me, try these solutions first and see if it will help you fix your problem with MacBook pro battery not charging. If not, then maybe it is time to get a new MacBook.

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