Microsoft Outlook 2010: Ten Important Tips for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Tips to Use Microsoft Outlook 2010

1. Mail Tips to Save Face!

The Mail Tips feature in Microsoft Outlook 2010 can help prevent unintentional mistakes that may happen while operating Outlook. Mail Tips alerts are triggered when you press the ‘reply all’ option and choose the alerts by mistake. This is an optional feature and can be either turned on or off.

2. Calendar Sharing Option

With the help of the Microsoft exchange server, your calendar can be shared with your friends and colleagues, which ensures that you can fix an appointment without having to waste time on phone calls and confirmations.

3. Quick Steps for Repetitive Tasks

When there are certain things that are done repeatedly by you, it can be automated with the help of the Quick Steps option. It can be anything like forwarding a particular mail to your team or moving messages to any important folders, Quick Steps can be customized to do these little tasks for you so as to save time.

4. Information in Conversations

There are times when you have important information discussed in e-mail conversations. Such conversations can be viewed as it is stored in your mail account.

5. Conversation Ignore Command

If there are conversations that need to be ignored, then the ignore command can be activated and additional messages will not get delivered into your inbox.

6. Vacation Response

The vacation response option can be activated when you are not around. This will ensure that an automatic reply will be sent from your mail to that of your colleagues and clients.

7. Information Protection

The Information Rights Management option can be used to protect sensitive mails from being copied, forwarded or printed.

8. Receive all messages in one place

With the help of the Unifying Messaging service it is possible to get all your information at one single place. Voice mail, e-mail, fax, etc., can be received in your inbox. The voice mail preview ensures that the recorded voice as well as the text is delivered to you.

9. All Contacts Intact

The Microsoft Outlook Global Address List ensures that all updated contact information is stored online so there is more disk space in the computer.

10. E-mail Tracking

You can use mail tracking options that will give you all the information needed to track the mails that have been read, ignored, etc. There are voting options as well, where your colleagues can vote for the favorite topic in discussion.

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