Samsung Galaxy S Vs HTC Desire – Which Android Phone Is Your Favourite?

Android continues to be the biggest threat to Blackberry and Apple’s iOS operating system. Being passed around many different types of handsets it’s fair to say that Android has the market in a stranglehold. Of course, there are millions of Apple owners out there but Android is available across a myriad of phone makers that makes it difficult to ignore. The top two phones that have been out for a little while now on the Android platform are the HTC Desire and the Samsung Galaxy S. Both are equally as impressive as each other, but which one should you go for if you’ve whittled your shortlist down to just these two?

Despite major competition from the Apple camp, these two phones cannot be ignored and as Samsung hold the market share when it comes to outright sales, it’s fair to say that Samsung could have won this battle before it started. The Samsung Galaxy S is a stunning piece of engineering genius. It’s small, thin, lightweight, and beautiful and yet packs in more technology than you can shake a stick at. It has the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen capability that is deeply impressive, and arguably yet to be beaten, as well as a stunning 4″ screen size that is perfectly matched to both usability and portability.

There is a wealth of apps and technology that you can take advantage of with the Galaxy S, such as multimedia applications, social media, a TV socket for direction connections to your HD TV, as well as a number of music and video formats. There is a 5-megapixel camera and HD video playback and capture. Thanks to the screen bursting with life, those HD videos are simply unbeatable. Backing up all of this technology is a lightning-quick 1GHz processor that handles everything very well without slowing or juddering when pushed to the limits.

It’s versatile, pretty, and perfect for men and women, and it’s got a raft of features that blow the competition out of the water, but can it trump the equally as impressive HTC Desire? Let’s take a look….

The HTC Desire is yet another Android phone that puts a hurdle up between your instant decision on your next smartphone. If it was so simple as to just choose the Samsung Galaxy S then there would be far more than 5 million of those handsets sold each month. As it stands, the Desire is certainly desirable and that’s mainly due to the 5-megapixel camera, 1GHz processor, superb web-browsing capabilities and wealth of apps. Again, you can download those new apps from Google Play and personalise the handset to your heart’s content.

Overall, there is little in it when it comes to choosing between the HTC Desire and the Galaxy S. The Samsung is a little more stylish and has a better screen, but the HTC is slicker, thinner and runs just as fast. In the end, it’s down to personal choice. If you want to be a little different than the rest, choose the HTC. If you want the best of the bunch, then the Galaxy is most likely the one for you – at least until the Galaxy S3 comes out.

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