Today’s Youth Can Unleash The Power of Their Imagination With Lego Mindstorms NXT Robots

Lego has been an important part of children’s lives from all over the world really since about 1949 when the toys were changed from wood to plastic. “Automatic binding bricks”, as they are since referred to, have predominantly been the most popular building toys for children (amongst a few others). They provide great fun to our children, but more importantly, it is a fact that many experts agree they help children’s intellectual development extensively. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are utilized to generate an end-result existing only in the child’s own imagination.

Many experts say playing with Lego can actually make your child more intelligent, and sure it doesn’t seem so surprising. However, many children of today’s generations are spoiled by the relatively new digital era. These technology-wielding kids are hypnotized by video games, computer games, and of course the television. The other (inanimate) toys have been packed up for storage or are sold on the internet.

Video game fanatics can also argue the advantages of computerized games for a child’s mental aptitude, yet the creative problem solving skills involved in playing with Lego is exponentially more stimulating as far as a recent comparison. What about if the two (computer games and Lego) were combined into one astoundingly powerful super toy?

The strategy involved producing a product that allowed children to build whatever their imagination had in stock for them and program these creations to be fully autonomous. The autonomy of these self-built projects is what attracted so many young techies because really the sky was the limit as far as what figments of dreams could be achieved. It continues to amaze and mystify children, and even adults, that it is actually possible to make something at home that they can program to do whatever their heart desires. With this type of technology/entertainment in the hands of our children and students, the world should see an explosion of creativity and innovation from our competent and eager youth.

Rather than constructing inanimate objects, Lego has now made available not only to kids, but also to adults, the tools and development kits to build moving and fully autonomous robots. With the limitless idea of combining computer technology, electric motors and sensors, and the classic building block toys into one unique new… toy… Lego has laid out the foundation for a multitude of young engineers to explore the generally esoteric field of robotics design and engineering. One couldn’t help but ponder, “What’s next?”

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