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A New Play on Zombie Games – Battlefield UNDEAD

Ever wanted to defend your friends and family from a horde of zombies? This is your chance.

Battlefield LIVE becomes Battlefield UNDEAD when the zombies march toward Halloween.

Be a hero and save the world form Apocalypse and a horde of zombies.

Horror will be unleashed in the rainforests of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Battlefield LIVE is an exciting outdoor laser skirmish game.

It is more fun than paintball, there is no paint and no pain. Game inventors Peter and Nicole Lander have been running sessions at Thunderbird Park for 10 years and have now introduced Battlefield Undead.

Nicole says the first session booked out in 15 minutes.

It is Team “Zombies” versus Team Defenders or “Survivors”.

Zombies start with 3 hit points, Survivors start with 5 hit points.

Survivors are initially armed with a rifle gun class ideally a Dragunov SVD.

Zombies have SMGs or Pistols, gun class and weapon emulation irrelevant.

“It was great. Zombies armed with infrared gaming guns upgraded with special sounds effects started their attack from the secret medical research centre,” Nicole says.

Complete with awesome sound effects the new Zombie Tech enables gamers to play out as series of post apocalypse Live-Plays.

“Bold survivors confront the zombies with infrared gaming guns. Their mission is to battle through the jungle village to the police outpost for weaponry upgrades,” said Nicole.

Survivors must battle their way through the zombie horde to receive the police outpost to get an amour upgrade, i.e. upgrade to 7 hit points.

This zombie game can run for up to 10 minutes which is the time the chopper will arrive to extract living, even infected players from the zone of contamination.

The game ends if all defenders have been turned into zombies.

The infrared weaponry on the battlefield is award winning and incorporates the patented Small Arms Transmitter Receiver (SATR) technology.

“While there is the thrill of playing laser skirmish in the forest, gamers also need tactics and to work together to rid Tamborine of the zombie scourge,” said Nicole.

“To add to the scare-factor we encourage gamers to come in costumes.” said Nicole. “When we ran our pilot Zombie Games our crew wore Lab Coast splattered with fake blood instead of their regular camo outfits.”

This October all that stands between the zombies and world apocalypse is a few hundred brave souls with a couple of hours to kill and some spare cash to burn. The zombie outbreak will be limited 100 gamers for each morning and afternoon session.

Stop the zombies, enlist now.

Battlefield LIVE / Laser Skirmish runs entertaining combat missions in more than 38 countries. The Thunderbird Park battlefield is the company showcase.

Laser Skirmish has won numerous awards including the Premier of Queensland Exporter of the Year Arts and Entertainment Award.


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