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Become A Mafia Wars Don Through Deceit, Treachery & Guile

Mafia Wars is a popular Facebook game that is quite different from some of the site’s other popular games like FarmVille, FishVille and Restaurant City. If you’re reserving your free time for something darker and more adult, then this criminally-oriented game is the perfect alternative to the more ”cartoony” games that seem to be the dominant social networking diversions these days. With such soft competition, it should be no surprise that this game that is focused on violence and treachery took home last year’s People’s Voice Webby award in the online games category. Tens of millions of avid online mobsters join the Wars every day, so there’s no question about the quality and appeal of this game. The real question is: are you cutthroat enough to come out on top?

What Is Mafia Wars?

The title of the game really tells you all you need to know about its core objective – a video game alternative to TV’s famous series, The Sopranos. Your goal is to start from the bottom of the mafia heap and build up yourself and your family until you’re prepared to take on other tasks and battle other families. In the beginning, it’s just you, and you’ll have to choose your player type (Maniac, Mogul or Fearless) and work your strengths and weaknesses to your best advantage, all the while recruiting and hiring new members for your criminal family.

OK, So Tell Me How To Win?

Because Mafia Wars’ designers – Zynga – are constantly updating the game, there’s really no “forever” way to win. By earning more money, completing more tasks and increasing the size and strength of your mafia family, you can gain access to new cities and characters and grind your way up through the levels, leaving behind a trail of fear and destruction. Zynga is expected to offer two new temporary settings this year – Las Vegas and Paris – which means plenty of new challenges for ambitious players.

Where Can I Play Mafia Wars?

There are solo versions of the Mafia Wars game, but it’s no doubt most popular in the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) form that’s offered on social networking sites like MySpace and FaceBook. It’s safe to assume that if the site you’re using is free, then playing Mafia Wars will be too. But it’s important to know that some phone applications for the game may have tech charges attached so be certain to check before playing so that you won’t receive a nasty surprise.

Why Would I Want To Be A Vicious, Blood-Thirsty Criminal?

Mafia Wars is a cool game, and by cool we mean you don’t have to be embarrassed when you tell people you play it. Most guys wouldn’t admit that they were interested in games like Restaurant City where menus and restaurant design are primary. But you can tell all the guys on the team that you are a rough, tough mafia player and know that they will be impressed.


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