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ePublishing Best Practices for Article Performance and Insurance SEO

Though video offers some great opportunities for insurance agency marketing, ePublsihing should not be overlooked. It’s a natural extension of blogging (hopefully your agency has a quality blog), and offers several valuable byproducts including insurance agency lead generation, increased insurance website traffic and improved insurance SEO performance. Quality article directories will provide high quality, relevant backlinks, and can direct targeted traffic to your insurance agency website. Follow these best practices to increase your insurance agency marketing reach with ePublishing.

Topic – Your topic should be timely, relevant, educational. Focus on keywords of interest to your audience, then optimize your long tail keywords for the search engines.

Title – Make your title concise, content specific and germane to your targeted readers. It’s beneficial if your title is both pithy and a keyword rich.

Long Tail Keywords – Though your goal is to extend your reach, and long tail keywords is an important aspect of that strategy, your article must nonetheless look and sound like a professional composition. Your keywords must fit within a natural writing style, and should never sound repetitive or redundant due to excessive keyword utilization.

Anchor Text and Web Links – Anchor text, the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink, directs readers to additional, external content. For example, if your article was about insurance agency leads, your anchor text might direct someone to a site about insurance lead generation, insurance agency marketing, or insurance agency prospecting. Never use anchor text or links to guide (or misguide) a reader to a non-relevant site.

Value Proposition & Messaging – Demonstrate your subject matter expertise for both your company and yourself. Provide original content, guidance, suggestions and insights. Why will your readers benefit from this content? Make it about them, while then optimizing your content strategy for your targeted keywords.

Your agency profile and target markets should determine your content. For example, if you target commercial insurance, your topics should be or interest to your business clients and prospects. Your content doesn’t have to be about insurance, but should be of interest to business owners and executives. If you’re targeting the insurance contractor market, articles on OSHA, the impact of PPACA on contractors, or construction news could be of interest to your prospective clients. Or perhaps you will write about fuel saving tips or new GPS tracking systems to estimate fuel consumption if you are a trucking agency. If you sell restaurant insurance, you might write a case study on how a business interruption policy saved a restaurateur from financial ruin. Make your content original, and relevant to your audience, and use a quality article directory site to extend the reach of your content.


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