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Everything About Informatica Powercenter

Understanding Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica PowerCenter is not merely a tool, but an overall data integration environment. The same data integration environment can also perform the task of data processing without putting any extra efforts. The tool helps an organization in performing several important, data-related tasks such as:-

• Collection
• Processing (centralized only)
• Redistribution

Additionally, the tool performs various other tasks that may include:-

• Integration of two different systems such as MQ Series and SAP
• Loading of Operational Data Stores (ODS) or other warehouses

Furthermore, the tool has various add-ons for reporting:-

• The processed data
• About different, applied business rules
• Quality of data once the processing is done

Such type of tasks, in general, is carried out by a qualified Informatica Powercenter Administrator.

What are the different components of the technology?

• Repository – The component acts as a relation database, storing each and every metadata that is created in the PowerCenter. Whether the user does mapping, workflow, session or any type of entry, it gets stored in the repository.

• Domain – The element is one of the primary units that can easily manage and administer the information stored within the system. The element includes servers that are known for supporting the functioning of a PowerCenter.

• Integration Service – The element helps extract all the data from the required sources. The same element is also required to process all the data as per the defined business logic. In addition, the last job performed by Integration Service is to load all the data into targeted cells.

• Repository Services – The service of the PowerCenter helps in making sense of all the data that is stored within the targets of the repository.

• Client Tools – The system or center consists of a large array of tools. Such type of tools is used by for:-

– Managing users
– Defining sources
– Defining targets
– Building mapping as well as mapplets along with transformation logic

• Administration Console – The web-based tool is used for administering the entire installation process of the PowerCenter.

The not-so-essential elements of PowerCenter

A couple of not-so-important components of the center are discussed below.

• SAP BW Service – The service extracts data from and loads them to the SAP BW.

• Web Services Hub – The component exposes the center’s functionality as well as working with the external clients or users via the Web services.

• Data Analyzers – The component helps perform extensive data analytics on ODS data present within a warehouse.

• Repository Reports – Each PowerCenter Repository Report is a set of prepackaged data analyzing reports as well as dashboards. Such a set helps manage PowerCenter metadata without any hassles.

• Metadata Manager – The center or system has a range of disparate metadata repositories. The tool (Metadata Manager) helps in simply browsing or analyzing the metadata stored in the repositories of the system. The manager shows a user the way a Metadata is acquired. The same manager is also known for making data-populated reports readable.


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