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FarmVille Strategy Guide – The Ultimate FarmVille Leveling & Cash Secrets Revealed Here!

FarmVille for many of us is an opportunity to take time away from the daily grind and relax in an entertaining manner. FarmVille, created by Zynga is another worldwide phenomena that has tens of millions of players designing their own farm and interacting with their friends over Facebook.

With the ability to have your farm look and function the way you want it to, FarmVille is not surprisingly a game that sees millions of people around the world putting in heaps of time to make their farm the best it can be.

For this reason I’ve researched some powerful FarmVille strategy guide methods in which you can gain the most out of the time you spend on FarmVille because as we know time for most people is in short supply. So without further ado, I present you with 2 powerful FarmVille strategy guide methods that will see you level up at lightning speed much faster than your friends and neighbors and in doing so see you generate a huge amount of FarmVille cash and coins.

FarmVille Strategy Guide Secret #1: The Soy Bean Secret

The soy bean secret is a simple, yet highly effective method that pretty much any FarmVille player can implement straight away. Most players think that the soy bean is just a cheap, inexpensive crop that doesn’t bring in huge earnings so they dismiss it as a crop that they won’t even bother with. However there’s more to the soy bean that meets the eye.

If you want to level up fast follow these steps:

1) Plow the land
2) Seed the soy bean
3) Delete your plots of soy bean

Now before you go up in an uproar for why’d you be so silly to delete the plots of land, listen to this. The reason for deleting the plots of soy bean is because plowing will gain you 1 experience point while costing you 15 coins. Now planting the beans will cost you an additional 15 coins and will give you 2 experience points. Deleting will neither cost nor gain you anything. So therefore in total you will gain 3 experience points at the cost of 30 coins, meaning 10 coins for one experience point.

FarmVille Strategy Guide Secret #2: Best Crops To Plant for Each Level Bracket

New crops will be available to you every time you progress up to a new level. This section looks at what crops will be most beneficial for you to plant depending on your level bracket. These crops have been compared with their earnings in xp and coins in mind, to determine which ones are best. I have labelled the harvest time so that you know how long you should take until you check back to harvest each crop.

Levels 1-5:
Harvest in 4 hours: Strawberries
Harvest in 8 hours: Soy Bean
Harvest in 24 hours: Squash

Levels 6-16:
Harvest in 2 hours: Raspberry
Harvest in 8 hours: Rice (this is better than planting strawberries for gaining coins but you will receive less experience)
Harvest in 24 hours: Cotton

Levels 17-24:
Harvest in 4 hours: Blueberries (switch to tomatoes when you reach level 20)
Harvest in 8 hours: Tomatoes
Harvest in 24 hours: Red Bell Peppers

Levels 25+
Harvest in 4 hours: Tomatoes
Harvest in 8 hours: Tomatoes
Harvest in 24 hours: Sunflowers


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